Cummins Saudi Arabia & Saline Water Conversion Corporation Sign Agreement for Hydrogen Production

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Fuel Cells Works, Cummins Saudi Arabia & Saline Water Conversion Corporation Sign Agreement for Hydrogen Production
  • To meet the challenges of climate change with alternative energy

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation and Cummins Saudi Arabia Company Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding on developing a hydrogen gas production plant, on the concluding day of WETEX 2021.

The Corporation intends to implement this project in the context of its commitment to developing innovative sustainable solutions for the water industry sector globally. This initiative is in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 of adopting clean energy in its projects and diversifying its economic resources to lead the world in the production of alternative energy. With the financial ability of Cummins to deploy large-scale hydrogen projects, backed by global presence, mass production facilities, and the active participation in different global energy councils (such as hydrogen councils), makes the company a trusted player to meet the needs of the growing hydrogen economy.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by His Excellency the Executive Director of Investments – Mr. Issam bin Abdullah Al-Jarba on behalf of SWCC and by Mr. Amit Deshpande, Managing Director, Cummins Arabia. This comes in line with the Kingdom’s approach to cooperate in the production of clean hydrogen and establish a joint fund to innovate related technologies. A step to activate the circular carbon economy, to support strategic efforts and an outstanding commitment to confront climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

The memorandum, which came on the sidelines of Dubai Expo 2020, included strengthening cooperation in engineering and research consultancy, and training in renewable energy. This is within the framework of Desalination’s direction as an industrial entity active in economic development – to tackle the challenges posed by global climate change by innovating practical solutions that employ modern and promising technologies and reduce carbon emissions; developing hydrogen gas production facilities and adopting hydrogen as an energy source; and to support the transformation of the water industry into a safe industry that is more committed to the environment and at a lower cost for the industrial and civil sectors.

The MoU moves the economy one step closer to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 with large projects that adopt hydrogen energy for carbon-free sustainable societies. And departments like Saline Water Conversion Corporation supporting the development of hydrogen as a source of energy is a contributing factor in reshaping global energy chains and helping energy production in an environmentally friendly manner by reducing emissions.

About Cummins:

Through research and innovation, Cummins has been at the forefront of low-carbon technologies. With its 70+ years of Electrolysis and 25 years plus fuel cell production expertise Cummins has built a diverse Hydrogen Technology portfolio and is a leader in Battery, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Production Technologies. Hydrogen Technology | Cummins Inc.

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