DAM Group Joins Hydrogen Europe

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Dam Group Joins Hydrogen Eurpe

The development of “clean mobility” is one of the main objectives of the energy transition. With 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of functional and leak-tight test benches, it is only natural that DAM Group sets out to conquer the hydrogen market. 

By becoming a member of Hydrogen Europe, the Group confirms its ambition to become a key player in hydrogen in Europe.

We work with strong players in the hydrogen sector in a partnership approach to accelerate the development of vehicle electrification by bringing into production fuel cell technologies and surrounding elements. Whether it is with the CEA Liten for the sealing tests of the plates or with Symbio  for the characterization of the stacks, we put all our know-how at the service of the energy transition.

Indeed, we have already developed tools and benches for the Research and Development laboratory allowing to characterize the durability and the functionalities of the different elements of a fuel cell.

We have also already developed test machines allowing the rapid production of various elements, in particular through leak testing of bipolar plates and stack. We also design packaging and end-of-line production test benches to ensure mass production.

We are working on HIL test benches to test not only the battery alone but also the control elements as well as the closed-loop behaviors of the element to be tested.

Always with a view to providing cutting-edge solutions to our customers, our R&D department works on the development of innovative products embedded in the battery, such as the development of a universal connector allowing monitoring and diagnostic of bipolar plaques. We are also seeking to standardize sealed interface connectors for cooling circuits.

Finally, DAM Group was fortunate to be the coordinator of the Fuel CELL working package as part of S3 Hydrogen Valley. We will also be presenting our work at the HyVOLUTION fair on February 4 and 5 at the Parc Floral in Paris.

The DAM Group teams are proud to be part of this technological breakthrough represented by hydrogen.

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