Denmark: Viggo Announces the First Hydrogen Taxis in Place in Oslo

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Fuel Cells Works, Denmark: Viggo Announces the First Hydrogen Taxis in Place in Oslo
  • For the first time you can now take a hydrogen taxi in Oslo. 
  • It is the taxi company Viggo that is now the first to offer climate-friendly taxis that run on hydrogen. 

The company believes that hydrogen is very well suited as a climate-friendly fuel for taxis and we believe we are now seeing the start of a hydrogen revolution in the taxi industry.

“This is the start of a hydrogen revolution for the taxi industry. There is an urgent need to reduce emissions from car traffic and hydrogen taxis will be an important part of the solution. There is a great desire among customers for climate-friendly solutions, and Viggo is proud to have Norway’s first hydrogen taxi on the road, ” says Joar Tennfjord, CEO of Viggo.

Viggo was launched in August this year, and only drives climate-friendly taxis. The company plans to have 100 electric and hydrogen taxis in operation before next summer.

Good solution for the taxi industry

Hydrogen is a very suitable fuel for the taxi industry and Viggo sees great potential in being able to use hydrogen cars.

– Hydrogen is very suitable for taxis that have to drive long distances and stand as still as possible. With hydrogen you can fill the tank in a few minutes and drive many hundreds of kilometers before the next filling. This means that you drive climate-friendly and do not have to spend a lot of time charging. This means that hydrogen is good for both the climate and the economy in the taxi industry, says Tennfjord.

Need for more filling stations

By 2024, all taxis in Oslo will be emission-free. This must happen through a transition to electricity or hydrogen. In the Oslo area, there are currently only filling stations for hydrogen at Lillestrøm and Høvik. Viggo now hopes for a significant development in the time to come.

“Viggo invests heavily in climate-friendly taxis and our cars rely exclusively on electricity or hydrogen. When the entire taxi industry is to become climate neutral, we are dependent on there being both enough charging terminals and filling stations for hydrogen. If the politicians  come on the field and ensure good infrastructure, we will deliver on zero emissions,” says Joar Tennfjord in Viggo Norway.

With hydrogen in the tank

The new hydrogen taxis are manufactured by Toyota and have a range of 650 kilometers with a full tank.

“Viggo uses Toyota Mira which is the  leading hydrogen car. The taxis that run on hydrogen work in much the same way as those that run on electricity and do not emit greenhouse gases. The big difference is that you have hydrogen tanks instead of batteries. For customers, however, comfort and quality will be the same, regardless of whether you take a Viggo taxi on hydrogen or electricity”, says Joar Tennfjord.  

About Viggo

Viggo is a Danish company that was launched in Copenhagen in 2019. The company is now ranked as the best mobility company in Denmark, with 4.9 stars in the AppStore. In addition to Copenhagen, Viggo has cars in Aarhus and is used by over 70,000 customers . When customers use Viggo, you will get an overview of the differences in CO2 emissions as a result of using a zero-emission car compared to a fossil-powered taxi.

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