Detailed Zoning Plan for Gen2 Energy’s Hydrogen Facility in Mosjøen Approved

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Fuel Cells Works, Detailed Zoning Plan for Gen2 Energy’s Hydrogen Facility in Mosjøen Approved

The Municipal Council in Vefsn municipality today unanimously approved the detailed zoning plan for Gen2 Energy’s hydrogen facility in Mosjøen.

An approved zoning plan for a large-scale plant for production of compressed green hydrogen represents the achievement of a significant milestone.

The zoning plan provides the opportunity to realize a production plant with a capacity of up to 100MW. It also includes the necessary area for filling, storing and handling of a large number of hydrogen containers as well as a quay for seaborn transport of containers to markets in Norway and Europe. The zoning plan allows for a large-scale production and handling of green hydrogen for commercial use, which differentiate the Gen2 Energy project in Mosjøen from other hydrogen projects in Norway.

The zone planning work has been an extensive process that started in September 2021 and has taken 18 months.

An approved zoning plan is a strong confirmation of the maturity of Gen2 Energy’s hydrogen project in Mosjøen. Various aspects of the project have been thoroughly been scrutinized through impact assessments in a number of areas such as safety, noise, emissions, ground conditions, natural hazards, traffic safety. In the consultation process, several comments and advices were received which have been taken into account in the final zoning plan. One objection was also received from Nordland County Municipality. This has been resolved through dialogue and clarification with the county administration.

Jonas Meyer, CEO of Gen2E Energy, says: “This is really an important milestone for us in Gen2 Energy. Through this approval, we have received confirmation that we have a mature large-scale project. The approved zoning plan is an important step towards realizing a hydrogen facility in Mosjøen”.

Svein-Erik Figved, Head of Public Affairs at Gen2 Energy, says: “We have had a very good collaboration with Vefsn municipality, which has been forward-looking and targeted in its work with the zoning plan. The municipality shows a strong will to put in place the necessary frame conditions for the production of green hydrogen in Mosjøen.”

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Gen2 Energy in brief

Gen2 Energy is a Norwegian company dedicated to develop, build, own and operate an integrated value chain for green hydrogen. The company target to have several large-scale production facilities for green hydrogen located in Norway and Northern-Europe as well as a distribution network ensuring customers safe and reliable delivery. We also aim to use low/zero emission fuel in our distribution system, taking a wholistic view on the environmental footprint of the hydrogen value chain.

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