Doncaster at the Forefront of Hydrogen and Green Technology

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Fuel Cells Works, Doncaster at the Forefront of Hydrogen and Green Technology

The UK’s first official Hydrogen Week takes place 13 -19 February 2023.

Doncaster Council is committed to tackling climate change, with the agenda being at the heart of everything it does. Doncaster Council and Business Doncaster will celebrate and promote the role of hydrogen in reaching net zero as part of @H2WeekUK.

With growing momentum around hydrogen as a fuel source, Hydrogen Week will bring together partners from industry, academia and government to celebrate hydrogen with an awareness raising campaign.

To reach net zero, all areas of the economy need to contribute. To that end, a series of studies were commissioned through the UK Government’s Community Renewal Fund to aid the Council’s understanding of the range of interventions needed within different arenas (transport, housing, infrastructure etc.) and to help the City of Doncaster maximise the opportunities arising from low carbon growth and innovation.

These feasibility studies present a clear sizeable opportunity in Doncaster around hydrogen generation and its application within industry and transport.

The studies examined in depth the opportunity for Doncaster to be a leading city for the hydrogen economy through the establishment of a hydrogen refuelling hub for large and off-road vehicles.

Doncaster’s prime location at the centre of the UK’s logistics network lends itself as an early adopter of hydrogen technology to deliver zero road transport tailpipe emissions (CO2 and particulates) for heavier and specialised vehicles.

  1. Doncaster Hydrogen Hub study – undertaken by Beta Technology

This study highlights the opportunity for Doncaster to be at the forefront of growth in the maturity of hydrogen technology and understanding, whilst developing a local roadmap and implementation plan for a full-scale hydrogen refuelling station.

By working together with key stakeholders, we aim to bring Doncaster businesses together to cement the city’s role as South Yorkshire’s leader in hydrogen. In doing so, Doncaster can capitalise on the huge opportunity the sector offers for both reducing carbon emissions, driving green economic growth, attracting inward investment and increasing supply chain opportunities.

  1. Low Carbon Sector Opportunities Study – undertaken by McBains and Genecon

This study seeks to understand the opportunities presented by low carbon sector growth and which green technology sub-sectors provide the best economic opportunities for Doncaster. The study identified four key opportunities for low carbon growth in Doncaster, one of which was alternative fuels (including hydrogen). This work will inform Business Doncaster’s low carbon inward investment strategy, as well as identify current barriers to low carbon sector growth in the city, and outline a series of recommendations to address this.

Focus will now turn on maximising the inward investment opportunities that low carbon sector growth provides.

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Cabinet Member for Housing and Business Cllr Glyn Jones said: “the last few years has seen hydrogen rising in prominence in the net zero agenda and is now recognised as critical to delivering on our decarbonisation targets. Hydrogen Week will raise awareness of the role that both the City of Doncaster and hydrogen can play in tackling climate change. We are delighted to be closely involved and supporting the UK’s first official Hydrogen Week”.


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