Dongfeng Motor Group Signs Joint Venture to Promote Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles in China

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June 10, 2020 |

Donfeng Motor Group Sign JV with Toyota

Dongfeng, FAW, GAC, BAIC, Yihuatong, and Toyota jointly set up a new company

 In order to jointly promote the development of domestic hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, on June 5, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., China First Automobile Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Yihua Tong Technology Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corporation signed a joint venture contract through a video connection to establish “United Fuel Cell System R&D (Beijing) Co., Ltd.”

Based on the “Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap” released in 2016, the domestic market of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, mainly commercial vehicles, is rapidly developing. The establishment of a joint research and development company by Dongfeng, FAW, GAC, BAIC, Yihuatong and Toyota aims to promote the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the domestic automobile market with an unprecedented open system and the strength of the entire industry. The six companies will meet the market demand, negotiate and plan products, and carry out a series of technical R&D work such as “component technology of FC stacks”, “FC system control technology” and “vehicle loading technology”, greatly shortening from development to Time required for productization.

It is understood that the new company will be committed to developing more productive, lower cost, and more competitive fuel cell systems and their main components, accelerating the progress of the domestic hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry, in order to build a cleaner and better Contribute to the mobility community. The new company will be dominated by Toyota and Yihuatong, and will be jointly funded by six companies. It is planned that Dong Changzheng will be the chairman and Akita Takashi will be the general manager. It is expected to be officially established in Beijing in 2020.

At the branch meeting of Dongfeng Company, You Zheng, member of the company’s party committee and deputy general manager, signed a joint venture contract on behalf of Dongfeng Company. You Zheng said “that we uphold the common belief and are committed to the development of hydrogen energy, and jointly promote the hydrogen energy industry from technical research to large-scale application. This time, Dongfeng and industry partners have jointly established a joint fuel cell system research and development company, focusing on commercial FCV technology research and development, which will create a new pattern in the automotive industry. Dongfeng Group will work together with all parties to explore a new path for the development of fuel cell vehicles in China.”

Chen Li, deputy general manager of the company’s strategic planning department and general manager of the new energy vehicle business management department, attended the online ceremony.

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