Doosan Fuel Cell Participates in Joint Development of Hwaseong Smart Energy Project Using Fuel Cells

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Doosan FuelCell participates in joint development of smart energy business in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do.

On the 6th of May, Doosan FuelCell announced that it has signed an MOU for joint development of smart energy business in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do’ with local governments and related companies such as Hwaseong City, Hwaseong City Corporation, and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power at Hwaseong City Hall in Gyeonggi-do.

This agreement was promoted to create a smart energy town in connection with the government’s digital and green new deal policies.

Main contents of the agreement

▲Stable clean energy supply using fuel cells

▲Smart farm pilot project utilizing heat sources generated from fuel cells

▲Fuel cell connection, construction of city gas (LNG) energy infrastructure in energy vulnerable areas

▲Power plant management building and parking lot Utilization of small-scale solar and electric vehicle charging stations

▲ Cloud-based remote energy management optimization and VPP* implementation using big data and AI

▲ Creation of a citizen fund to share the profits of local residents.

*Virtual Power Plant (VPP): A system that operates small-scale new and renewable energy distributed power sources such as fuel cells and solar power as a single power plant using a cloud-based artificial intelligence software.

Doosan FuelCell supplies the main equipment for about 20MW fuel cell power plants on the Hwaseong site and is in charge of long-term maintenance (LTSA). In addition, it plans to actively research and develop various solutions that can be implemented by applying fuel cells.

Doosan Fuel Cell CEO Soo-kyung Yoo said, “This business agreement is meaningful in that it can secure new business opportunities by participating in the fuel cell business incorporating IT and can serve as a bridgehead for domestic and overseas smart energy business in the future.” said.

Doosan FuelCell is striving to secure new technologies and expand business areas beyond the existing fuel cell field for power generation, such as launching the development of a Korean-style high-efficiency SOFC and joint development of fuel cells for ships with domestic and foreign companies.

Source: Doosan

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