Doosan Heavy Steps Up Hydrogen Gas Turbine Development Efforts

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Fuel cells works, Doosan Heavy Steps Up Hydrogen Gas Turbine Development Efforts
  • MoU signed with Korea East-West Power, Ulsan Metropolitan City and SK Gas on hydrogen gas turbine demonstration
  • Korea’s first hydrogen gas turbine demonstration to be performed at Ulsan Combined Cycle Power Plant by 2027
  • MoU also signed with Korea Midland Power on “Promoting Domestic Hydrogen Gas Turbine Business”

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is stepping up its efforts for developing eco-friendly hydrogen gas turbines.

The company recently signed a series of agreements with public power entities and local governments on pursuing the development and demonstration of locally manufactured industrial hydrogen gas turbines.

On June 3rd, Doosan signed a memorandum of understanding with Ulsan Metropolitan City, Korea East-West Power and SK Gas on pursuing a hydrogen gas turbine demonstration project. According to the MoU, Ulsan Metropolitan City will be providing administrative support on implementing infrastructure needed for the hydrogen gas turbine business, whereas Korea East-West Power will be handling the demonstration of the hydrogen gas turbine using Korean technology, and SK Gas will be in charge of laying the foundation for hydrogen supply, while Doosan will be handling the technology development and supply of hydrogen gas turbines.

All the signatories of the recent MoU will be participating in the Ulsan Combined Cycle Power Plant’s gas turbine demonstration project, which involves converting the gas turbine of the power plant, which has been operated for more than 25 years, into a 270MW hydrogen gas turbine by 2027. This would be the first project of its kind in Korea.

“We plan to use these agreements as a stepping stone to develop the hydrogen gas turbine business into the next-generation growth engine,” said Yeonin Jung, COO of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction. He added, “It is all the more significant as we will be able to supply the local communities with eco-friendly energy.”

On June 2nd, the company also signed an “MoU on Achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050 and Promoting the Domestic Hydrogen Gas Turbine Business” with Korean Midland Power (KOMIPO). KOMIPO will be adopting Doosan’s technology for the hydrogen dual-fuel combustor, currently being pursued as a national project, and the hydrogen gas turbine, while Doosan will be working on the technology development for hydrogen gas turbines and securing of technology needed for mass production of related parts.

Hydrogen-fueled power plants emit less pollutants compared to that of conventional LNG-based combined cycle power plants. According to the Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM), if a 30 percent hydrogen fuel mix is used, a CO2 emissions level that is 10.4% less than LNG-based power plants can be achieved and if a 50 percent hydrogen fuel mix is used, the emissions level can be lessened by up to 21.4%. Power plants that are fueled 100 percent by hydrogen generate zero carbon emissions.

With hydrogen gaining worldwide attention as a viable solution to achieving carbon neutrality, leading global companies like those in the U.S., Germany and Japan are actively taking part in the hydrogen gas turbine commercialization efforts, which are being pursued in line with the respective country’s energy policies. It is forecast that the global hydrogen gas turbine market will grow to reach the size of 40 trillion won by 2030.

In 2019, Doosan Heavy became the fifth company in the world to successfully develop an industrial gas turbine for power generation. Since May of last year, the company has also been working with KIMM on a national project titled, “Development of 50 Percent Hydrogen Dual-Fuel, Eco-Friendly Combustor for High-Efficiency 300MW Hydrogen Gas Turbine,” showing that Doosan is spearheading the technology development efforts in the hydrogen gas turbine sector.


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