Doosan Mobility Innovation Inc. (DMI) Showcases its Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Powerpack Drone Technology at the 2020 African Drone Forum

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Doosan Drone Flight in Africa

Doosan Mobility Innovation Inc. (DMI) announced that its hydrogen drone flew for more than two hours at the African Drone Forum (ADF), held in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, from 5 to 7 (local time). DS30’s first in Africa.

The African Drone Forum is organized by the Government of Rwanda and managed by the World Bank Group and other global organizations to help drone developers find new business opportunities in Africa’s logistics infrastructure and connect local governments with global investors and business leaders.

Doosan Mobility representative Lee Du-soon said, “The hydrogen drone can be used in various ways such as ‘drone ambulance’, which transports medicines and relief supplies in Africa, where roads and traffic conditions are poor.

In addition, “ADF is a meaningful event to find new business opportunities in Africa and developing countries where logistics infrastructure is not well established.” “With DMI’s hydrogen drone, we have the opportunity to enter the logistics business in the African market across industries. We will use this experience to target the global logistics market. ”

The World Bank estimates that an investment of $38 billion will be needed to build the logistics infrastructure, given the regional characteristics of Africa, where only 34% of the population lives within a 2 km radius of the main road.

The World Bank, which provides financing for developing infrastructure development, has a significant impact on the selection of operators for drone projects in major developing countries as well as Africa.

DMI received the Best Innovation Award and Innovation Award for Hydrogen Drones at CES 2020.

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