Dutch H2 Inland Navigation Sets Sail

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On March 10 Mrs. Van Nieuwenhuizen – Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Public Works – announced grant support for a Dutch first new built inland navigation barge powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

The project administered under the Dutch Green Deal for Zero-Emission Shipping and Ports will not just be a flagship of the Dutch maritime hydrogen movement but will likewise establish a backbone of maritime hydrogen refuelling options in both the Port of Rotterdam Europort and the Northern Netherlands Groningen Seaports.

The Antonie will be a new built inland navigation barge operated by Lenten Scheepvaart which will be transporting salt between the Port of Rotterdam and Groningen Seaports and therefore connects two of the Netherlands largest hydrogen sources via inland waterways. The charter will be issued by Nouryon – whom will also be the hydrogen supplier – and contracted by the NPRC Cooperation. The fuel cell power system will be supplied by the Koedood Marine Group – Nedstack product partnership for inland navigation and establishes a standard for future hydrogen electric inland navigation propulsion systems. This initiative is supported by a grant issued by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Public works under the umbrella of its Green Deal.

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Mr. Kees de Vries – Project Director on behalf of NPRC:

As a nation of shipbuilders we are in pursuit of leadership in zero-emission shipping and we look forward to so in team with Nouryon and Nedstack. Developing the Dutch maritime fuel cell eco-system will open up new markets and develops an export opportunity for our maritime ecosystem as a whole.

Green Deal on Maritime and Inland Shipping and Ports

In its strategy published on 7 December 2017, the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine (CCR) adopted the vision of zero emissions from inland navigation vessels by 2050. The ministers of the member states of the CCR affirmed this vision in the Mannheim Declaration signed on 17 October 2018. They also agreed to work towards a 35% reduction in emissions both of greenhouse gases and of environmental pollutants from inland navigation by 2035, relative to 2015. In the declaration the ministers pointed to the need for new financial instruments to achieve these environmental objectives and entrusted the CCR with the task of leading this development. The Dutch Green Deal on Maritime and Inland Shipping and Ports shows how the Netherlands intends to implement the Mannheim Declaration. Furthermore, the Netherlands is Europe’s largest supplier of marine fuel which constitutes an incentive and an opportunity to show leadership in becoming a leader in the production, supply and use of hydrogen as a maritime fuel.

Mr. William van Niekerk – President of the NWBA Dutch Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

Almost two years ago, the NWBA – driven by a deep believe that this Green Deal would help accelerate the energy transition in the Netherlands – was amongst the signatory parties to the Green Deal on Maritime and Inland Shipping. To see hydrogen and fuel cell solutions provided by our members contribute to enabling long range zero-emission shipping is a fantastic development that puts the Netherlands on the map as a leading nation in the transition towards zero-emission shipping.

 The Nedstack Maritime Commitment

In 2018 Nedstack commenced the First Element Marine (FELMAR) program to marinize and industrialize its high-power, long-life portfolio of PEM fuel cell power systems to seamlessly fit the requirements of the maritime domain. Together with its consortium partners, a platform of fuel cell power systems – compliant with maritime class rules and shipowner needs – has been developed, tested and tuned and is now ready for wider market adoption. The Antonie marks an important milestone in the journey of delivering the promise of long-range zero-emission shipping.

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