Dutch Ministry Presents Clean and Green Hydrogen Vision for the Netherlands

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Hydrogen Valley in Netherlands

On Monday the 30th of March 2020, The Minister of Economic Affairs and Minister Wiebes submitted the Dutch Cabinet’s vision on hydrogen to the House of Representatives. 

That vision is part of a sustainable energy system that is reliable, clean, affordable and safe. In line with agreements in the Climate Agreement, the vision will form the basis for a national hydrogen program.

In the letter that was submitted to Parliament, Minister Wiebes outlines how “CO2-free gases are indispensable for a sustainable energy system that is reliable, clean, affordable, safe and spatially adaptable CO2-free hydrogen is a necessary link in this energy system. The most common element in the universe also appears to have a very binding effect in the Netherlands, in particular because of the unique starting position that the Netherlands has. This is made clear in the agreements in the Climate Agreement which include a strong ambition for hydrogen, supported by a large and broad group of stakeholders. Industrial clusters and ports see hydrogen as an indispensable part of their future and sustainability strategy. For the transport sector, hydrogen (in combination with fuel cells) is crucial for achieving zero-emission transport. The agricultural sector sees opportunities for the production of hydrogen and for its use; cities, regions, and provinces want to work with hydrogen.”

Further Points in the Letter

  1. the need and potential to increase the production of hydrogen and
  2. outline of the main policy intentions to facilitate the hydrogen ambitions from the Climate Agreement.

These policy intentions include;

  • an exploration of alternative instruments to stimulate hydrogen production,
  • flanking policy aimed at achieving preconditions, including innovation, location availability, professionalization, network management, and raw materials and
  • an explanation of how hydrogen will contribute to making end-use sectors more sustainable.

By means of this letter, Minister Wiebes gave “substance to the Mulder et al motion (Parliamentary Paper 32 813, no. 234), as well as to the agreement in the Climate Agreement to develop a Green Gas Roadmap.”

General director Hans Grünfeld of VEMW said,“It seems to the cabinet serious to take up the opportunities that hydrogen offers for the Netherlands. The cabinet’s vision radiates ambition, is realistic and also practical, with a good basis for the national hydrogen program, as agreed in the Climate Agreement. The opportunities lie in the various applications, industry-leading the way with hydrogen as a raw material and energy carrier. But also in the mobility and built environment. And opportunities in the international context with our geographical location, which enables our own production by wind at sea, as well as the import of hydrogen via seaports and a logistics hub between our neighboring countries Germany and Belgium. The cabinet rightly states that all applications are needed, both green and blue hydrogen. Much remains to be done in the areas of infrastructure, cost reduction, certification, safety, etc., and the government also recognizes this, including the need for government support. The hydrogen vision is also realistic. In order to get a hydrogen market off the ground, the government recognizes that support from the government is necessary. A new – temporary – instrument is needed for the upscaling and cost reduction of green hydrogen. ”

Download ‘Letter to Parliament Roadmap Green Gas’ Dutch Only Version

PDF document | 16 pages | 862 KB

Parliamentary Paper: Letter to Parliament | 30-03-2020

Source: Minster Wiebes, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, VEMW


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