dynaCERT Achieves Local and Global Milestones and is Part of Hydrogen Strategy Coalition

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fuelcellsworks, dynaCERT Achieves Local and Global Milestones and is Part of Hydrogen Strategy Coalition

TORONTOdynaCERT Inc. (TSX: DYA) (OTCQX: DYFSF) (FRA: DMJ) (“dynaCERT” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has been invited by the Government of the Province of Ontario, Canada (“Ontario Government”) to participate in the Hydrogen Strategy Working Group of the Ontario Government under the guidance of the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.

Jean-Pierre Colin, Executive Vice President of dynaCERT, and Jim Payne, CEO of dynaCERT, will continue to attend Ontario Government strategy meetings in furthering the Ontario Government’s development of a hydrogen strategy.

Hydrogen Strategy Working Group

The Ontario Government established a new Hydrogen Strategy Working Group to help inform the development of the hydrogen strategy for the Province of Ontario.

This working group is intended to build on the input that the Ontario Government received through the public consultation process and Ontario’s hydrogen discussion paper. Members of the Hydrogen Strategy Working Group will also provide advice on how to use hydrogen across various sectors and help Ontario compete in the global hydrogen market. The Ontario Government has invited 21 Ontario Hydrogen Economy participants to Hydrogen Strategy Working Group which consists of experts from industry and academia. See:

Sales in the Global Mining Industry

In Q1 2021, dynaCERT has shipped or received confirmed orders of its flagship HG-1 HydraGEN™ Technology Units as well as its sister HydraGEN™ HG2 and HG-4C and HydraGEN™ HG-6C large capacity Units to international mining companies operating in Russia, China, Brazil and Peru through sales to its arms-length dealer H2Tek specializing in the sale of HydraGEN™ Technology in the mining industry. H2Tek is sponsored internationally by Export Development Corporation, a Crown Corporation of Canada, and dynaCERT’s currently sole Asian dealer, Puma HydroCarbons, who operates in China. Diamond Mines, Coal Mines, Copper Mines and Gold Mines are adopting dynaCERT’s proprietary HydraGEN™ Technology globally. The HydraGEN™ HG-4C and HydraGEN™ HG-6C large capacity Units will soon be deployed in open pit mining operations on large 50-litre diesel engines that operate in hostile climates such as open pit mines where temperatures deep lower than -40 degrees Celsius and are located in very remote areas of the planet.

Growing Sales in the Trucking Industry in North America

Q1 2021, dynaCERT has received purchase orders with advanced payment of twenty (20) of the Company’s 20 newest 2021 model HG-1 units for the North American continental trucking customers of KarbonKleen which is furthering its successful trials to its trucking and logistics clients.

In Q1 2021, dynaCERT has sold and installed our HG-2 units to a midsize Dodge truck and Ford F-350 delivery truck in Ontario through the Company’s dealer H2Tek.

City of Woodstock Success

dynaCERT has just completed Emission Tests on the City of Woodstock’s entire bus and garbage truck fleet to showcase reductions of greenhouse gases and fuel savings with very solid results from its initial previously announced pilot project. The City of Woodstock reduced fuel consumption by a significant factor in its recent Garbage Trucks Trials featuring dynaCERT’s HydraGEN™ “Carbon Emission Reduction Technology”.

dynaCERT is also working with several municipalities across Ontario supplying quotes and extensive analyst reports for their fleets showing the potential fuel savings and more importantly the emission reductions and Green House Gas reductions that can be realized with the utilization of HydraGEN™ “Carbon Emission Reduction Technology”.

dynaCERT and its Dealer in Negotiations with the World’s Largest Transportation Polluters

dynaCERT’s Canadian Dealer, Mobile Emissions Testing Inc. (“Mobile Emissions”) along with dynaCERT is in negotiations with one of the world’s largest transporters of goods which is committed to reducing its Carbon Footprint. As well, Mobile Emissions is assisting the Company with its Ontario Government initiatives and is also focussing on some of Ontario’s largest Municipal accounts.

Non-Core Electrolyser Research & Development

With 17 plus years of Research and Development, scientific knowledge, and design advancements within hydrogen generation, dynaCERT intends to expand and leverage their expertise and knowledge to form the basis for future decades to advance the Company’s goal to adapt its HydraGEN™ Technology to numerous markets, globally. dynaCERT’s Hydrogen electrolysers have gone through a series of transformations to meet the market demand. dynaCERT’s existing Alkaline Hydrogen electrolysers are best suited for non-pressurized Hydrogen production up to 500 litres per hour and can be stacked for higher Hydrogen demand.

Gurjant Singh, dynaCERT’s Head of Research and Development stated, “dynaCERT’s upcoming products such as the Anion Exchange Membrane and the Cation Exchange Membrane electrolysers will produce pressurized Hydrogen to meet the global demand. Pressurized Hydrogen will significantly cut down the compression cost making it affordable to use in small- and large-scale applications such as off-grid power supply, fuel cells etc. dynaCERT’s smart ECU will enable consumers to control Hydrogen production remotely and simplify data management.

dynaCERT is committed to achieve and participate in net zero emissions goal by 2050. Exponential growth in Hydrogen production over the past few years by conventional methods have further impacted the environment adversely. In 2019, more than 550 million tons of Carbon Dioxide were released in the atmosphere because of hydrogen production via Methane Reforming Process. At $50 per ton Carbon Credit, there is potential for more than $27 Billion worth of yearly savings. Carbon Credits remain a huge future revenue stream for dynaCERT with our Patent Pending Carbon Capturing Methodology while capturing credits for the Carbon Saved with our Hydrogen Generating electrolysers.”

Jim Payne, CEO of dynaCERT, stated, “dynaCERT fully supports the Ontario Government initiatives related to the development of its hydrogen strategy. The Hydrogen Strategy Working Group of the Ontario Government is an important step in the process of developing a workable hydrogen strategy. We applaud all the dedicated people involved in this Ontario Government initiative and thank all participants within the government and within the private sector for their commitment to making hydrogen an important part of our collective future.”

About dynaCERT Inc.

dynaCERT Inc. manufactures and distributes Carbon Emission Reduction Technology for use with internal combustion engines. As part of the growing global hydrogen economy, our patented technology creates hydrogen and oxygen on-demand through a unique electrolysis system and supplies these gases through the air intake to enhance combustion, resulting in lower carbon emissions and greater fuel efficiency. Our technology is designed for use with many types and sizes of diesel engines used in on-road vehicles, reefer trailers, off-road construction, power generation, mining and forestry equipment, marine vessels and railroad locomotives. Website:

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