E-Trucks Europe is Building Hydrogen-Electric Hybrid Garbage Trucks

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Beukers Eindhovens Dagblad

E-Trucks Europe is building hydrogen-electric hybrid garbage trucks. The driveline of these garbage trucks is 100% electric, which means they are quiet and do not emit greenhouse gases and particulate matter. To extend the range, a hydrogen system is installed on these vehicles, which converts hydrogen into electricity with pure water as a waste product. In this way, the vehicles can be used 24 hours a day and remain silent and clean.

Problem is still the chicken-egg problem around hydrogen. Hydrogen can in principle simply be refueled at petrol stations. However, there are still too few filling stations with a filling point for hydrogen, as a result of which the demand for hydrogen vehicles is only slightly released. A hydrogen filling station is only commercially viable if sufficient customers are refueling. To break this chicken-egg problem, cooperation in the chain is necessary, so that supply and demand of hydrogen occurs simultaneously locally.

The Belgian-Dutch partnership ‘Waterstofnet’ stimulates and accompanies this cooperation in the chain. This is done with the support of Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland. E-trucks Europe has noticed an increasing demand for hydrogen refuse trucks in the public sector, particularly urban waste collection. Often there is also a need for hydrogen service cars. E-Trucks Europe wants to play a stimulating role in the demand creation of hydrogen mobility, by introducing customers to this clean form of transport. In addition, she wants to develop a brand-independent concept for maintaining and repairing hydrogen systems for trucks and passenger cars. After all, only a very limited number of dealers currently have the expertise and facilities to take care of this.

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