Eagles Make History With Hydrogen Refueling Station

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In February of 2020, the Eagles and PDC Machines announced a multiyear sustainability partnership. Just a few weeks later, the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fast-forward to September 22, 2023 as the Eagles became the first professional sports team in North America to install and utilize a hydrogen refueling station to power its passenger vehicles thanks to the relationship with PDC Machines.

“Today marks another milestone for Lincoln Financial Field, the Philadelphia Eagles Go Green program, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the City of Philadelphia,” said Eagles President Don Smolenski. “This is another stop on our sustainability journey as we continually strive to reduce our carbon footprint.”

The refueling station was designed to take all the inputs of water and electricity to produce clean hydrogen. The unit produces green hydrogen energy by taking electricity from the stadium’s 10,456 solar panels and adding water. The only emission from hydrogen energy is water vapor, which is a clean fuel compared to gasoline and diesel.

Green hydrogen is hydrogen produced by the electrolysis of water. The process is powered by renewable energy. Green hydrogen emits no pollution and is considered the cleanest and most sustainable form of hydrogen.

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, who attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony, joked that the refueling station would contain Kelly Green hydrogen.

“Not only are the Eagles leading on the field, but they are setting an example for how companies throughout Pennsylvania and the country can act when it comes to addressing climate change and bringing clean energy into their business strategy,” Shapiro said.

Eagles make history with hydrogen refueling station1

This Hyundai Nexo was the first car to be serviced at the hydrogen refueling station.

The newest Go Green initiative would not have been possible without PDC Machines.

Before the pandemic, the Eagles and PDC announced their partnership with an event at Lincoln Financial Field and a photoshoot with the hydrogen vehicle.

However, the collaboration did not stop. The PDC team worked diligently and purposefully to move forward and install the hydrogen refueling unit in the Stadium Control parking lot on the south side of the stadium.

“I want to thank the City of Philadelphia for working with us to get this product permitted to be sitting here,” said PDC Executive Chairman Kareem Afzal. “It is a very unique installation nationally and throughout the world. This is truly the first that I have seen at a stadium, producing hydrogen, and fueling vehicles on site.”

PDC is a local, father-and-son business that was started in 1977 by Kareem’s father Sy after immigrating from India.

The goal of PDC is to lead the world’s transition to clean energy while making a lasting impact on the community, planet, and generations to come. Over the years, PDC has made that happen, becoming an industry leader. The company now has offices in South Korea, Japan, and Germany, as well as a massive new facility in Souderton, Pennsylvania.

“My father worked very hard and diligently throughout my childhood, working to build this company,” Afzal said. “Through his leadership over the years, we grew this company from a sole proprietor to the 208 people that are powering the future of hydrogen today.”

The team’s hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo was the first vehicle to use the hydrogen refueling station that is expected to change the game when it comes to using clean energy in the community. – Written by Owen Boyle

Eagles make history with hydrogen refueling station

Eagles President Don Smolenski with Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro


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