eCap and Breezer Aircraft Cooperate on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Single Engine Aircraft

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Flying in a climate-friendly way: eCap and Breezer Aircraft cooperate E-Cap Mobility GmbH

The two companies, eCap and Breezer Aircraft, share the goal of making air traffic more climate-friendly. The provider of electric mobility solutions and the manufacturer of ultralight aircraft have now signed a cooperation agreement to create an electric drive for converting existing single-engine aircraft.

eCap Breezer Fuel Cell Plane InsertAs part of the New Year’s reception of the Lüneburg Air Sports Association on Friday, January 10, 2020, eCap Mobility and Breezer Aircraft agreed to work together to ensure that motorized aircraft will use modern electric drives to target the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in aviation.

The aim of the cooperation is to make a motor plane fly with the help of a fuel cell, the hydrogen converted into electricity. The hydrogen required for this is obtained beforehand from environmentally friendly wind turbines. “This way, flight mobility can take place really cleanly,” says Ketelsen, who also owns the Dirkshof in North Friesland, on which hydrogen will be generated in the future by the existing wind turbines.

In the first project step, a battery-electric aircraft is being planned as a prototype. The prototype will be integrated with a new high-performance electric propulsion system from Breezer Aircraft and installed in a Breezer B440-6 small aircraft including one High-performance battery storage provided by eCap.

The fuel cell will then be used in the second project phase and will be built into another prototype next to the battery so that electricity can be generated by hydrogen.

“In the coming years we expect a growing need for reliable, safe and environmentally friendly propulsion and conversion solutions for aircraft,” said Dirk Lehmann, founder of eCap, and Dirk Ketelsen, managing director of Breezer Aircraft. 



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