ECL Is Developing Hydrogen-Powered Data Center Modules

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ECL Is Developing Hydrogen Powered Data Center Modules

In a groundbreaking move, ECL is set to transform the future of data storage by announcing the development of modular, hydrogen-powered data center modules. Aiming to meet the demands of sustainability in today’s digital landscape, ECL promises to build the world’s first off-grid data center primarily powered by hydrogen, thus ensuring carbon-neutral performance and unprecedented uptime.

 A Modular Approach to Data Storage

The modular design of ECL’s data centers will enable companies to start small and add capacity as their needs increase. Offered in 1-megawatt blocks, these modules are geared towards mid-sized data center operators and large companies with both cloud and on-premises IT environments. ECL claims that its innovative approach will slash the total cost of ownership to two-thirds of what traditional colocation data centers would cost over a five-year period.

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The Hydrogen Advantage

The utilization of hydrogen as the primary power source allows the ECL data centers to consume no local resources, including power or water. Operating with zero emissions and exceptionally low noise levels, ECL’s data center modules present an attractive solution for remote and edge locations.

Furthermore, the absence of dependence on local utilities translates into a significant reduction in planning and construction cycles—from 18 to 24 months to a mere six to nine months.


An Innovative Cooling System

ECL’s cooling system distinguishes itself by being completely self-contained. Utilizing water generated as a by-product of hydrogen-based power generation, it cools the server racks, thus eliminating the requirement for external water sources. This novel approach enables higher density-per-rack than traditional data centers due to the utilization of water cooling.


Setting a New Standard in Power Usage

The combination of hydrogen-powered efficiency and water cooling results in a remarkable power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio. While the typical data center has a PUE of approximately 1.5, ECL is poised to achieve a PUE of 1.05 across its data centers, delivering up to 50 kilowatts per rack.


Building the Future with Seed Financing

ECL recently secured $7 million in seed financing co-led by Molex Ventures and Hyperwise Ventures. These funds will enable the company to expand its market presence and kickstart construction of its flagship data center at the Mountain View, Calif. headquarters.



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