EH Group and Ecomar Propulsion Ink Deal for Fuel Cell Advancements in UK’s Zero-Emission Propulsion

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eh group and ecomar propulsion ink deal for fuel cell advancements in uks zeroemission propulsion

EH Group, a Swiss fuel cell technology provider, has recently entered into a partnership with Ecomar Propulsion, a leading UK zero-emission propulsion specialist for commercial operators. The collaboration will focus on integrating novel innovations into 200kW+ marinised fuel cells and aim to streamline complexity. The objective is to devise new control strategies for the seamless integration of fuel cells into Ecomar Propulsion’s zero-emission marine powertrains.

Eugene Bari, CEO of Ecomar Propulsion, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying, “By combining our expertise, we can accelerate towards a fully integrated hydrogen-powered Energy Storage System into our drivetrain. When Swiss precision joins with British innovation, you can guarantee the result will be a world-beating product.”

The partnership is specifically targeting the decarbonization of commercial vessels, intending to show how shipping can transition to clean propulsion at a faster pace than anticipated even five years ago. “Our aim is to replace last century’s tech with a better alternative. The days of dinosaur diesels are done,” declared Bari.

Mardit Matian, Founder of EH Group, shared Bari’s enthusiasm, stating, “Moving fast and offering a complete plug-and-play solution is the key to meet the pressing needs of marine decarbonization.” Christopher Brandon, Co-Founder, added that the market is increasingly requesting fully integrated clean power solutions that can withstand the challenging marine environment.

About Ecomar Propulsion

Ecomar Propulsion is committed to sustainability by design. The company researches, develops, and produces zero-emission marine propulsion systems exclusively for commercial operators. Their aim is to reduce global emissions by creating high-efficiency, high-output marine engines and energy storage solutions.

About EH Group

Established in Switzerland since 2017, EH Group focuses on the design and production of innovative fuel cell technology. The company offers unrivaled power density, greater system efficiency, and a unique assembly process that radically reduces costs. EH Group targets the decarbonization of heavy-duty mobility such as marine vessels, off-highway vehicles, trucking, and aviation, as well as large-scale stationary power.

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