EH Group Engineering AG Awarded EUR 1.48M to Accelerate its Fuel Cell Technology

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Fuel Cells Works, EH Group's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Awarded 1.5 Million Euros

EH Group Engineering AG is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant from the EuropeanCommission as part of the highly competitive horizon 2020 Accelerator program to boost the development of our innovative fuel cell technology.

The project, which is planned for a duration of two years has an overall budget of EUR 2.1M and is focused on bringing our fuel cell technology to mass commercialization.

EH Group’s core fuel cell technology is based on:

  • A uniquely simplified and re-designed FC stack at the micro-level, making it significantly more compact, lightweight and efficient. It also simplifies overall FC system architecture making it more efficient and substantially cheaper. Our first-generation product already delivers market-leading power density.
  • A completely new concept of fuel cell stack design and assembly with high micro precision, integrating proprietary machinery that enables a sharp reduction of production
    costs at scale.
  • Our FC technology can operate with minimal effects of gravity and in any orientation, making it a great candidate in the automotive, space and aviation sectors as a power generator.

In the words of Mardit Matian, founder of EH Group, “One of the major historical and current challenges of commercializing fuel cell technology has been cost. We believe EH Group will significantly influence the market by achieving significant cost reductions and hence more rapid industrialization of hydrogen-based technology. Our product offering can be used in stationary applications such as commercial buildings, data centers, etc. Furthermore, due to its compactness, our technology will be a front-running candidate for mobile applications (buses, trucks, forklifts, trains, ferries, etc.) where weight and volume reduction are two key criteria.”

EH Group Engineering AG, based near Lausanne, Switzerland was founded in 2017. It is focused on the design, development, and production of an innovative fuel cell technology. In addition, EH Group provides engineering services relating to hydrogen mobility and stationary projects, as well as an innovative technology for the production of hydrogen.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 945810 – EHSTACK.

For further information please, visit or contact us at [email protected].


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