EH Group Fuel Cells Deployed in Croatia

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November 17, 2020 |

EH Group Fuel Cells Croatia

EH Group Fuel Cells powering electric vehicles in Croatia. We are pleased to announce our collaboration with DOK-ING, a market leader of robotic systems for special purpose uses.

It delivers specialized robotic vehicles for underground mining, military engineering, de-mining, firefighting, etc. EH Group’s high-power density EH-31 fuel cell was deployed in an electric vehicle pilot project.

“We are delighted to be working with DOK-ING, a leader in specialised industrial vehicles. This serves to highlight the potential scope for deployment of our high-power density fuel cells across various mobile applications. Requiring heavy-duty usage in challenging environments, EH Group fuel cells are built to operate in the most rugged conditions. It also emphasises the widespread geographic potential of our fuel cell technology”, says Mardit Matian, founder of EH Group.

EH Group Engineering AG – Founded in 2017 and based near Lausanne, Switzerland. It is focused on the design, development and production of its innovative fuel cell technology, across both stationary and mobile applications. It aims to deliver cost-effective fuel cell solutions, particularly where high-power density performance is required.

In addition, EH Group provides engineering services relating to the deployment of its fuel cells systems across hydrogen mobility and stationary projects.


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