EKPO Supplies Fuel Cell Stacks for Cruise Ships

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ekpo supplies fuel cell stacks for cruise ships
  • EKPO receives order to supply fuel cell stacks for a cruise ship
  • Delivery of the NM12 single stacks has already started
  • Initially a volume in the single-digit million euro range
  • EKPO fuel cell technology supports development of ecologically sustainable cruise

Dettingen/Erms (Germany)– EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies GmbH (EKPO) has received an order from an international cruise company. The agreement initially includes the delivery of NM12 single fuel cell stacks for a cruise ship owned by a global shipping company and initially has a volume in the single-digit million euro range. The delivery of the stacks started in the first half of 2023.

For this, Dr. Gernot Stellberger, Managing Director of EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies, states: “The agreement has great potential for the future and gives us confirmation that we can contribute to the development of ecologically sustainable shipping with our fuel cell stacks. The order also proves that our fuel cell stacks can be used in a variety of ways – not only on the road in buses, commercial vehicles and cars, off-road, in industrial applications and on rails, but also on water. With its combination of performance, compact design and high efficiency, our EKPO technology offers excellent prerequisites.”

Shipping currently causes around 3% of global CO 2 emissions. In Europe alone, far more than 100 million tons of CO 2 are emitted annually by ferries, container and cruise ships. The proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions will continue to rise due to the increasing importance of shipping. Hydrogen-based drives via fuel cells will help to achieve significant emission reductions. Fuel cells can even avoid emissions if the electricity for hydrogen production is generated from renewable energy sources.

EKPO supplies NM12 single stacks for the cruise ship’s fuel cell propulsion system. The NM12 single PEMFC stack module is available with a cell count of 359 cells. At an operating pressure of 2.5 bara, it achieves an output of up to 123 kW el . The NM12 stack modules are designed in particular for applications with high power requirements, such as in the maritime sector.

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