Eneco Plans to Build a Green Hydrogen Plant in Rotterdam Port

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AMSTERDAM– Dutch energy company Eneco plans to build a hydrogen plant in the Rotterdam port area to run solely on renewable energy, it said on Monday.

Eneco has submitted a permit application for the construction of a green hydrogen plant in the Europoort in Rotterdam. It will eventually have a capacity of 800 megawatts and will be able to generate up to 80 kilotons of completely clean hydrogen annually. In this way, we can help make the industry more sustainable.

“The production of green hydrogen is essential for a successful energy transition,” says our CEO As Tempelman. “If direct electrification is not possible, green hydrogen as a raw material or fuel is a good sustainable alternative. Investing in green hydrogen is an important part of our strategy and I am pleased that we can now take concrete steps.”

“For the Eneco Electrolyzer, we are working together with our parent company . Construction of the hydrogen plant is now scheduled to start in 2026. Then production can start in 2029.”



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