Engie and Mining3 Join Hydra Consortium to Develop Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powertrain for Mining

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Fuel cells works, Engie and Mining3 Join Hydra Consortium to Develop Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powertrain for Mining

The Hydra Consortium, a mining industry consulting and energy provider, has identified hydrogen for heavy-duty mobility as an essential element in achieving its goal of decarbonizing the mining industry.

Mining3 and Engie are joining forces in the mining industry to build a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain for heavy-duty mobility.

New Contributors to the consortium include Thiess, Mitsui, Reborn, Ballard & Hexagon as well as the original members consisting of CORFO (Chile’s Economic Development Agency), CSIRO Chile, whose goal is to displace diesel equipment in the mining sector.

A number of development and efficiency workstreams will be implemented by the consortium in order to reach this target. The consortium plans to develop, fabricate, and test a 200 kW fuel cell and battery powertrain under mine conditions (altitude, dust, temperature, etc.).

Professor Paul Lever, CEO of Mining3, said, “We are looking forward to working with project partners to create this critical breakthrough approach for the mining industry, as well as open doors to new applications and processes required for a carbon neutral future.”

“We are delighted to be a part of this powerful alliance, which puts together the immense expertise of its partners to help the mining industry decarbonize. The mining industry needs versatility, which renewable hydrogen will offer. Beyond the apparent benefit of being emission-free, hydrogen technologies provide a cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels while guaranteeing mining operations’ operating performance,” said Michèle Azalbert, CEO of ENGIE’s Hydrogen Business Unit.



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