Ensol Systems Adds Sunfire Fuel Cells to Products

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September 18, 2019 |

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Surrey, BC, Canada–Ensol Systems is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Sunfire, a global leader in fuel cell and electrolysis technology.

As one of the world’s most innovative companies, Sunfire develops and manufactures solid oxide fuel cells. These fuel cells convert propane/natural gas into electricity with byproducts of heat, water and a small amount of C02 – over 90% less than a generator.

The Sunfire-Remote 400 fuel cell with 400W electrical power is almost twice as efficient as a gas or diesel generator. This power is reliable and has long maintenance intervals with a durable power supply lasting for months. Sunfire fuel cells produce clean, silent, reliable power.

“We are so impressed with the Sunfire-Remote 400 and are looking forward to working closely with the Sunfire team to design and build integrated hybrid power systems for reliable off-grid power in this range,” said Jim Brasset, Business Development, Ensol Systems.

This partnership will help Sunfire leverage Ensol’s vast expertise integrating power systems that are built for harsh Canadian winters, tested to -40°C, and offer compact design. Experienced in fabricating, manufacturing and electrical design, Ensol is able to develop reliable, robust and innovative solutions of the highest caliber that are considerate of the environment. With integration into new or existing sites, Ensol’s solutions are designed to operate autonomously and with zero emissions.

Contact Ensol Systems today for more information on how we can customize an industrial power system for your specific needs.

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