EPM Plans to Become a Relevant Player in the Hydrogen Market by 2030; Calls for Progress in Regulation

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Epm Plans to Become a Relevant Player in the Hydrogen Market by 2030 Calls for Progress in Regulation

By the year 2030, Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) plans to become a relevant player in the local green hydrogen market, as well as in the export segment. This was stated by the Vice President of New Ventures of the Antioquia-based company, Darío Amar, during the First Hydrogen and Energy Efficiency Congress organized by the Andi-Naturgas Hydrogen Chamber this Friday.

However, the official warned that currently, some estimates and valuations suggest that exporting hydrogen from Colombia as a permanent business may not be financially viable because the market is not sufficiently developed.

Darío Amar revealed that EPM’s Agua Clara plant (located in the Aburrá Valley near Medellín) intends to start producing green hydrogen in the coming weeks.

Clear rules from the Government

Colombia has high potential to develop hydrogen projects and, along with this, become a producer and exporter to Asian and European markets.

If the Government does not establish the rules for the development of the hydrogen market, Amar said, Colombia will miss the opportunity to position itself as a regional hydrogen player.

With clear market rules, EPM has a path towards offering new products to its customers, including hydrogen.

Within its project framework to position itself in new products and services, the vice president of EPM stated that the group aims to become more relevant in energy management systems, energy cogeneration, demand response schemes, supply of steam and cold to industrial clients, as well as the acquisition of combustion optimization and heat recovery equipment.

Additionally, EPM envisions itself as more than just the energy provider used in the hydrolysis process.

In that sense, it will seek the opportunity to produce and sell hydrogen to international markets with potential demand, such as European and Asian markets.

According to Darío Amar’s opinion, EPM has analyzed the current panorama of hydrogen in Colombia and sees opportunities in modeling business cases for pilot product development.

To achieve this, he stated that feasibility studies are needed before progressing to alliance structuring.

The expert believes that hydrogen can be produced in Colombia using existing plants, which would make its development more efficient, while still considering the construction of new infrastructure to grow this industry.

“Hydrogen is a national opportunity,” which could lead Colombia to become a major exporter. However, to achieve this, companies providing electrolyzers and the entire ecosystem to kickstart the technology development alongside a business vision are needed, he added.



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