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Supported by Lhyfe, SyDEV, Vendée Energie, Vendée Hydrogen, Le Mans Métropole and ACO, H2Ouest aims to deploy a 100% green hydrogen sector in the Pays de la Loire starting in 2021.

Lhyfe is proud to announce that the joint H2Ouest project presented with 5 Pays de Lorie partners is one of the 10 national projects to have been selected in January 2020 by ADEME as part of the second promotion of its H2 mobility / Ecosystems call for projects. hydrogen mobility.

Six complimentary players create an ecosystem to deploy 100% green hydrogen in the Pays de la Loire region from 2021

H2Ouest is the fruition of the partnership of six Loire players covering the entire value chain of green hydrogen (local production, distribution, and uses) and all types of territories:

- Vendée Hydrogen, subsidiary of Vendée Energie, created by the Syndicat d’Energie de Vendée (SyDEV), coordinator of the project with ADEME: SyDEV is an energy company wishing to decarbonize transport in Vendée. It will host the first industrial green hydrogen production site in France (designed by Lhyfe) in 2021 and Vendée Hydrogen will at the same time build the 1st H2 station of Vendée in La Roche-sur-Yon.

- Lhyfe: independent 100% green hydrogen producer, the only one in Europe to operate on an industrial scale, Lhyfe uses water electrolysis via renewable energies. The company will deliver its first kilos of hydrogen in the first quarter of 2021 in the region, from its first industrial site, based in Vendée.

- The Metropolis of Le Mans: a metropolis with large urban uses, which has already started to invest in hydrogen equipment and will host the first H2 station in 2020.

- ACO (Automobile Club de l’Ouest): automobile club, organizer of legendary and international sporting events such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which is committed to promoting hydrogen in competition and more classic mobility. In addition to the desire to introduce hydrogen in the race, he launched the construction of an H2 station, near the circuit, making it possible to refuel city buses, series cars and vehicle fleets. Inauguration planned for 2020.

Confirmation that a sustainable, viable and transposable ecosystem model now exists for hydrogen in France

H2Ouest aims to massively deploy the use of green hydrogen in the Pays de la Loire, and to create an ecosystem for hydrogen mobility there.

If he convinced the ADEME Jury, it is because this ecosystem is based on three fundamentals:

- Green and sustainable hydrogen: H2Ouest has chosen to produce 100% green hydrogen from renewable energies and by electrolysis of water.

- An economically viable project: H2Ouest has chosen shared and local production which will ultimately be within a maximum radius of 150 to 200 km from the refueling points. Green hydrogen, thus made accessible to a larger number on the basis of a profitable model, gives every chance for this fuel to develop massively on the market and for mobility to have a real alternative.

- An innovative and transposable project: H2Ouest integrates several aspects unique in France:

- An integrative and disruptive model to make territories actors of the production of their own green fuel in a dynamic of short circuits and thought to be replicated (diffuse uses, medium cities and metropolises),

- A direct connection to the Bouin wind turbines, in Vendée: no other industrial-sized electrolyser is currently connected directly to a renewable and intermittent source,

- Optimized hydrogen distribution in a territory with diffuse and varied uses with a solution that meets all types of needs,

- The first 44 ton hydrogen truck in France “retrofitted” where the heat engine will be replaced by an electric motor powered by a fuel cell.

- The development of an exclusively regional sector with electricity production, electrolysis, transport, distribution and modification of vehicles.

The choice of ADEME to support this project confirms that all the components for deploying green hydrogen in France are now united. H2Ouest is one of 20 winners who will share the 90 million euro grant made available by ADEME.

Alain Leboeuf , President of SyDEV: “We are proud to have succeeded together in convincing ADEME that the ecosystem around green hydrogen exists and is now viable. This is a strong message addressed to all communities, businesses, and individuals, who can now seriously consider a transition to green hydrogen. We will be happy to make available to interested entities located less than 200km from Bouin, the 100% green hydrogen that we will produce from 2021. ”

Le Mans Métropole: “We are delighted that this regional partnership project has been recognized by ADEME. The development of a fleet of buses and refuse collection vehicles as well as a hydrogen production unit on our territory is essential for the successful establishment of a sustainable H2 ecosystem. “

Pierre Fillon , President of the ACO: “H2Ouest is a project that corresponds to our values, to our DNA. The ACO, the club as the race organizer, has always worked for the progress of mobility. Today we must offer low-carbon mobility to successfully complete the energy transition. Demonstrate on the track the interest of hydrogen in front of more than 250,000 spectators or millions of viewers, as well as participate in the creation of the H2 station which will make it possible to refuel buses, then fleet vehicles, then individuals, fall within our primary missions. We must have an active role in awareness raising and decisions. What exciting prospects! “

Matthieu Guesné , founder and CEO of Lhyfe: “The ecosystem that we have created in the Pays de la Loire region is proof that it is now completely possible to deploy 100% green hydrogen on an industrial scale in France. This ecosystem, which is replicable in all territories, has the advantage of operating in a short circuit and of offering real economic interest to local players. It is high time to change the energy paradigm: we are ready to initiate this change with all those who wish to get started! “

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