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ECHA Hydrogen Europe

The work of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance is entering a new phase. We are now launching a call for six thematic round tables, open until midnight, 13 November 2020 (CET).

This call is open only to the organisations that have already signed up to the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance Declaration and have been accepted.

The round tables will be the thematic groups responsible for the operational work of the alliance. They will be in charge of building a pipeline of scale-up projects and the investment agenda in their area, while ensuring interdependence with the other round tables. When relevant to their mission, they may also flag obstacles and bottlenecks for the scaling up of hydrogen; provide input to the work on regulations, standardisation, and research and innovation priorities; and streamline related EU and national policies.

Six round tables will cover all operations of the hydrogen value chain, from production to end-use

  • Renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production, e.g. electrolysers, solar/wind/hydro, plant engineering, equipment, materials, carbon capture and storage (CCS), and pyrolysis
  • Clean hydrogen transmission and distribution, e.g. pipelines, liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC), liquid hydrogen (LH2), and ports
  • Clean hydrogen in industrial applications, e.g. steel, chemical, refineries, eKerosene/eFuels, fertilisers, industrial heat and cement
  • Clean hydrogen for mobility, e.g. trucks/buses, light duty vehicles, trains, ships, fuel cells, drive trains, tanks and hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS)
  • Clean hydrogen in the energy sector, e.g. re-electrification, mega storage and electricity grid/balancing
  • Clean hydrogen for residential applications, e.g. district heating, combined heat and power (CHP) and solid oxide fuel cells

Round tables are open to

  • CEOs/executive board members of companies with relevant activities in Europe in research & development, demonstration, industrialisation, deployment of renewable or low-carbon hydrogen solutions (supply, transport/distribution or demand) and/or with concrete plans to do so in the near future
  • high level representatives of other stakeholders, such as, trade unions, research and technology organisations, investors and civil society organisations with a strong interest in renewable or low-carbon hydrogen
  • high level representatives of EU countries and regional public authorities.

This call is open only to the organisations who have already signed up to the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance Declaration and have been accepted.

Depending on the number of applications received, selection of participants may be needed. For industry representatives, the selection will be based on the existing and planned activities for the production; transmission/distribution or use of renewable or low-carbon hydrogen; the current and planned/expected investments in production; the potential contribution to climate and energy targets; the potential contribution to security of supply of renewable or low-carbon hydrogen; and the potential for value creation in the European hydrogen value chain. Geographical diversity and diversity in terms of size of companies and representativeness of the entire value chain will also be taken it account.

Application form to participate at a European Clean Hydrogen Alliance round table

Applicants will be informed about the results in November, and the operational work of the round tables will kick off in that month. The round tables meetings will gather high-level representatives who will meet approximately every 2-3 months. These meetings will be prepared by sherpa representatives.

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance brings together industry, national and local public authorities, civil society and other stakeholders. It is strongly anchored in the hydrogen value chain, covering renewable and low-carbon hydrogen from production via transmission to mobility, industry, energy, and heating applications.

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