European Premiere in Brainportregion Eindhoven of the First Hydrogen-Powered Garbage Trucks

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This Truck Runs on Hydrogen Main
  • Presentation of the first hydrogen-powered garbage trucks in Brabant
  • European premiere in Brainportregion Eindhoven

Baetsen-Groep and Cure Afvalbeheer are going to collect waste with a hydrogen refuse collection vehicle, built by E-Trucks Europe, in the Eindhoven region. The vehicles were presented on 11 April at the Veldhoven City hall in the presence of the sustainability councilors of the Eindhoven Metropolitan Region.This Truck Runs on Hydrogen InsertThis demonstration is the first in a series of 10 demonstrations in European cities. Baetsen-Groep and Cure Afvalbeheer invested in these innovative and zero-emission vehicles. The vehicles were built by E-trucks Europe, with support from Hydrogenics. Both hydrogen vehicles are the first in Europe (together with a truck in Groningen), whom received an official license plate and registration, and who  will be involved in the daily waste collection operation. The construction and demonstration of these garbage trucks is part of the Life ‘N Grab Hy !, project that is coordinated by WaterstofNet.

Healthy environment
The European Commission sets increasingly strict environmental requirements for vehicles, including the reduction of emissions (emissions of CO2, particulate matter) in the transport sector. This also has an impact on the collection of household waste. To collect these, trucks drive through residential areas and the sub-urban areas. This has an impact on the quality of the environment and we want to uphold this to the highest standard. This requires innovative solutions with which we can continue to guarantee the quality of the collection and at the same time continue to meet the set of environmental requirements. On 21 March, for example, the covenant “Sustainable vehicles in the Cleaning sector” was signed, which states that public cleaning vehicles must be emission-free as soon as possible, by 2030 at the latest. The investment in these trucks is a good example on the way towards realization of clean transport and waste collection in 2030.

Hydrogen electric vehicle
Garbage trucks powered by hydrogen are zero emission (the only emission is water vapor) and silent. They are 100% electrically powered vehicles that fill up with hydrogen. The hydrogen is stored in a tank (350 bar). In a fuel cell, electricity is generated, from hydrogen and air, which is used to recharge the battery pack of the truck while driving. After collecting waste for two days, the vehicle is refueled again in just 10 minutes at the WaterstofNet service station on the Automotive Campus in Helmond. The vehicle can then again do its work autonomously for two days.

More information about the project: Stefan Neis, project coordinator Life and Grab Hy! , WaterstofNet. Tel: +32 499 73 83 60, [email protected] ,

About Life
The Life ‘N Grab Hy! project which, in addition to the conversion and demonstration of the trucks, also includes the demonstration in 10 other European cities (Rotterdam, Antwerp, Cologne, Bolzano, etc.), is funded by the European LIFE program with Grant Agreement no. LIFE14 ENV/BE/000415. LIFE is the European financing instrument for environment and climate. The objective of Life is to contribute to the implementation, updating, and development of European environmental and climate policies

About the Baetsen-Group
Baetsen Group is a rapidly growing family business with more than 300 employees in the areas of Transport, Crane rental, Recycling, Containers and Building Materials. With branches in Veldhoven, Son and Echt, the Baetsen Group has more than 150 towing units that offer a unique combination of services, both nationally and internationally. The Baetsen Group is determined to realize a circular economy through the collection, sorting and recycling of material flows, aimed at the reuse of raw materials and building materials. This focus on sustainability also finds its way into the various logistics activities in which the Baetsen Group provides
services to companies, individuals and municipalities. The hydrogen refuse truck will do its laps in the municipality of Best for the Baetsen Group.

About Cure Afvalbeheer
Cure Afvalbeheer is a partnership between the municipalities of Eindhoven, Geldrop-Mierlo and Valkenswaard in the field of waste management, from collection to processing. Cure’s mission is to contribute to a clean and waste-free society through intensive cooperation with local authorities. Cure Afvalbeheer gained experience in 2014 by deploying a prototype hydrogen refuse truck for waste collection in Eindhoven. This is now being followed by the LIFE ‘N Grab HY! Project, for which Cure had an old vehicle rebuilt to be used for this project.

About E-Trucks
E-Trucks Europe develops innovative solutions for sustainable transport. It produces hydrogen-hybrid vehicles with an electric drive line, making them quiet and generating no emissions. The built-in hydrogen system, which converts hydrogen into electricity, makes the vehicles usable and clean 24 hours a day.

About Hydrogenics
Hydrogenics is the global leader in designing, producing, building and installing industrial and commercial hydrogen production, hydrogen fuel cells in all segments and solutions for energy storage on an MW scale.

About WaterstofNet
WaterstofNet develops and realizes – together with industry and governments – projects and roadmaps around sustainable hydrogen for zero-emission transport and energy storage. Focus is on Flanders and the Netherlands. WaterstofNet coordinates various European projects on hydrogen mobility and also coordinates an industry cluster of around 40 companies around Power-to-Gas.


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