EWE: Demands Tax Exemption on Green Electricity that is Used to Produce Hydrogen

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EWE Hydrogen No Tax on Clean Energy

Oldenburg (dpa / lni) – The regional energy supplier EWE demands tax exemption on green electricity that is used to produce hydrogen. Hydrogen would only become a marketable energy source if it did not have to pay any electricity tax and EEG surcharge. 

EWE CEO Stefan Dohler said this at an online logistics conference in Oldenburg on Wednesday. The exemption should be laid down in the federal government’s national hydrogen strategy.

Dohler saw the northwest of Lower Saxony as a hub for the so-called green hydrogen. This can be obtained by sea electrolysis with wind energy. “On the one hand, the ports are available to us, on the other hand we have significant capacities in gas network infrastructures,” said the EWE boss.

Hydrogen is considered an important emission-free fuel for ships and heavy goods vehicles. However, its production requires a lot of electricity. The coastal states are therefore demanding from the federal government that no ecological levy be levied on the production of hydrogen.

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