ExoTechnologies and RONN Motor Group Forge Alliance to Revolutionize Marine Mobility With Hydrogen Power

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ExoTechnologies, the Isle of Man-based firm behind Glasgow’s Ultimate Boats, is partnering with Arizona’s RONN Motor Group, known for their hydrogen-powered automotive solutions. Together, they aim to be trailblazers in developing hydrogen electric propulsion systems for a new generation of high-performance watercraft, designed for everything from commercial activities to military operations.

The partnership kicked off with the signing of a Letter of Intent (LoI), laying the groundwork for Ultimate Boats to manufacture these state-of-the-art vessels in Scotland. In a move toward sustainability, Ultimate Boats last year launched its fully recyclable workboat crafted from their patented DANU composite material for Police Scotland.

ExoTechnologies’ CEO Shane Mugan couldn’t be more thrilled. “We are very excited to announce our new partnership with a pioneer like RONN. We share an outlook and passion for driving decarbonization,” said Mugan. “We’re setting our sights on developing a clean hydrogen electric propulsion system that will propel our recyclable, high-performance crafts into a groundbreaking era of marine technology.”

Echoing the sentiment, Ronn Ford, Chairman & CEO of RONN Motor Group, emphasized the transformative potential of the alliance. “The power of our collaboration with ExoTechnologies lies in our mutual commitment to creating a sustainable future through game-changing propulsion solutions,” said Ford.

As the world seeks to pivot towards more sustainable energy solutions, this partnership could not come at a better time. It marks not just a step, but a leap, toward a future where hydrogen powers not just cars on the roads, but also boats on the water.


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