Faurecia Emphasizes Co2-Neutral Commitment With Hydrogen Systems For Commercial And Industrial Uses

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fuelcellsworks, France's Faurecia Aims for Strong, Hydrogen-Fuelled Growth
  • Faurecia joins scientists and engineers across the country in celebration of National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.— As the United States works towards an energy economy with zero carbon emissions by 2050, hydrogen fuel cell technology will be critical in complementing renewable electricity to reach this goal.

Today, Faurecia stands in unity with the scientists and engineers across the country who will celebrate Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, which is celebrated on Oct. 8 because the atomic weight of hydrogen (1.008). In line with its goal to become CO2 neutral by 2030, Faurecia boasts the expertise and technology to support the country’s zero-emission objective while supporting customers with holistic hydrogen fuel system solutions.

“Faurecia’s product portfolio and hydrogen storage solutions, enriched by Symbio’s stack systems technologies offer a complete range of hydrogen fuel cell solutions to meet all power and durability needs from light-duty to commercial and heavy-duty vehicles as well as design expertise that enables us to support customer vehicle integration needs,” said Jose-Vicente March, Vice President Zero Emissions, Faurecia Clean Mobility North America.

Faurecia’s industry leading hydrogen technology offers key benefits, including longer driving range, faster refueling times, and a lower tank weight, allowing scalability for passenger and commercial vehicles. Most important it offers a reduced total cost of ownership, a measurement in which fuel cell electric vehicles are estimated to overtake battery electric vehicles between 2023 and 2030.

Reducing the cost of hydrogen mobility is key in offering a competitive solution, and with its R&D capabilities and industrial know-how, Faurecia and Symbio plan to reduce the cost of hydrogen storage systems and stacks by more than 75% by 2030. In designing the next generation tanks, Faurecia is innovating for a more durable, sustainable and longer-life product with best in-class safety, performance and cost-efficiency.

Key developments as Faurecia continues to develop its leadership position in hydrogen:

Faurecia has created a global center of expertise for hydrogen in France. In this center of expertise, Faurecia develops the next generations of homologated, smart, lightweight and cost-competitive hydrogen storage systems that increase performance without mitigating safety.

  • Faurecia and Michelin created a 50-50 joint venture named Symbio. Symbio has developed a comprehensive range of fuel cell stacks for broad applications across the automotive industry. Called StackPacksTM, these fuel cell stacks can be adapted to light & medium-duty commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and passenger cars.
  • In April 2021 Faurecia successfully completed its acquisition of CLD, one of the leading manufacturers of hydrogen tanks in China. Through this acquisition, Faurecia was awarded a contract by SAIC Motor to provide hydrogen tanks for a large fleet of commercial vehicles. CLD has also been recently certified by the Chinese central government as the first domestic producer of Type IV hydrogen tanks.
  • Faurecia and Symbio will supply Stellantis with fuel cell stacks and hydrogen storage systems for light commercial vehicles.¬† Faurecia will also equip around 1,600 Hyundai heavy duty trucks to be delivered to Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility in Switzerland.
  • In 2021, Faurecia became a major member in key hydrogen associations in North America including Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) and California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP). As hydrogen mobility rapidly gains momentum, Faurecia is at the heart of a growing ecosystem of partners supporting its‚ÄĮindustrialization and adoption at scale.

Consequently, Faurecia is well-positioned to support growing demand for zero-emissions hydrogen mobility solutions globally. The company plans to expand its hydrogen footprint into North America as it establishes a new hydrogen R&D and manufacturing site.

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