Film and TV Studios’ Commitment to Climate Action Drives First-of-Its-Kind Hydrogen Power Solution

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Film and TV Studios Commitment to Climate Action Drives First of Its Kind Hydrogen Power Solution

New hydrogen power service combines low-carbon fuel and zero-emissions technology to free film & TV productions from reliance on diesel for mobile power generation.

Toronto, Ontario– H₂ OnSet proudly announces the launch of a new hydrogen power service that provides film & TV productions with the means to supply all the electricity needed for location shoots, but without the emissions impact of traditional diesel-fueled generators.

The first deployments of the H₂ OnSet service will occur in Toronto – one of North America’s leading markets for motion picture production – in the summer of 2024 and will launch in other major markets shortly thereafter. H₂ OnSet was developed in close consultation with frontline personnel in film & TV production to help the industry meet its decarbonization goals. Using local, low-carbon hydrogen suppliers, H₂ OnSet’s on-demand drop-and-swap service provides customers with uninterrupted power.

“This is a game changer for the film & TV industry,” says David Hardy, Chief Market Development Officer at H₂ OnSet. “The ability to deliver low-carbon hydrogen fuel to production crews where, when and as needed, anchors all the other zero-emission power technologies on set, such as rechargeable batteries, to a low-carbon energy system.”

H₂ OnSet will launch with a first-of-a-kind power unit built by Sommers Generator Systems. Sommers, established in 1936, is the leading Canadian manufacturer and distributor of premium quality generator systems for prime, standby, portable and towable power designed and built for institutional, industrial, commercial, and residential applications with an extensive network of dealers.

“We are delighted to distribute our hydrogen generators through H₂ OnSet as the exclusive dealer in the North American film & TV sector,” says Chris McGregor, President of Sommers Generator Systems. “The H₂ OnSet team has been a trusted partner with a clear line-of-sight on the needs of this market throughout the development of our revolutionary generator.”

“The new generator is capable of a sustained AC power output of 165 kW,” says Ry Smith, Chief Technical Officer for Change Energy. “This size hits a sweet spot for Film & TV productions, being a common power rating for generators throughout North America.”

Development of the H₂ OnSet hydrogen power service is supported by the climate tech accelerator, Third Derivative, as a part of the Clean Mobile Power Cohort. The cohort is part of the Clean Mobile Power Initiative, which was launched last June by Netflix and The Walt Disney Company, with the participation and support of Third Derivative and RMI. Having met the rigorous performance requirements for participation, H₂ OnSet was invited into a cohort of only ten startups selected for the Initiative.”

“The Clean Mobile Power Initiative is a potent expression of the Film & TV industry’s commitment to climate action,” says David Hardy. “H₂ OnSet is thrilled to work alongside the industry’s leaders in commercializing systems of sustainability – not only in this sector, but eventually in other industries that rely on mobile power generation.”

H₂ OnSet is the film industry focused business offering incubated through Change Energy, a leading strategic engineering firm focused on the low carbon economy. Change Energy identifies a broad and growing market gap from clients seeking cost effective and safe services and solutions as they transition to hydrogen as a fuel alternative.

Clean Mobile Power Initiative aims to identify and deliver cost-competitive, zero-emissions mobile power at scale for the entertainment industry, including developing alternatives to diesel generators, which currently account for roughly 700,000 tons of CO2e emissions per year globally from the entertainment sector. The initiative brings together representatives from leading production studios with equipment suppliers and cleantech manufacturers. Learn more at

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