First Electrolyzed Hydrogen Pump Inaugurated in Quebec City

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October 15, 2019 |

First Hydrogen Station in Quebec City Main

The first hydrogen pump and electrolyzer opened in Quebec City last week. This is a $ 5 million pilot hydrogen station project that will fuel the first fleet of 50 Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicles in Quebec City.

Hydrogen will be produced on-site by electrolysis

Up until this new hydrogen pump, the 50 Toyota vehicles that were purchased by the Government of Quebec were refueled at the Esso station, located at the corner of the boulevard Hamel and Avenue Saint-Jean-Baptiste. This was a temporary setup that Toyota Canada had supplied and was using a Linde gas supplier trailer.

This temporary setup will remain as a backup, but going forward this new hydrogen station with its own electrolyzer will now service the 50 Toyota vehicles.



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