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BusinessNZ Energy Council Executive Director Tina Schirr welcomes the unveiling of the Hydrogen Global Initiative by the World Energy Council (WEC).

Hydrogen Global is a platform for companies, governments, councils, and institutions to showcase their work and learn from each other. The non-binding Hydrogen Global Charter aims to merge global hydrogen efforts to send a signal to the market that demand for low carbon hydrogen is on the rise.

Firstgas is the first New Zealand company to commit to the Charter. As the owner of gas distribution networks in New Zealand, the company aims to increase the use of hydrogen via its networks to 20% by volume by 2030.

Ben Gerritsen, General Manager of Commercial and Regulation, First Gas said, “It is critically important for the business community, policymakers, innovators and investors to understand the full range of ways that we can reduce our emissions. Using existing gas infrastructure to transport hydrogen offers an exciting pathway to lower emissions

Ms. Schirr says clean hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels can contribute to achieving net-zero carbon emissions: “Hydrogen is becoming increasingly cost-effective. To achieve the low costs that experts agree are possible, there needs to be a strong signal to the market to show demand is increasing and enabling policies are being implemented.

Ms. Schirr says while there is a strong push for greater electrification, reducing the emissions of other energy carriers like gas also has real potential. Hydrogen Global will empower participants to communicate their activities and boost each other’s signals, she says.

Tina Schirr, Executive Director, BusinessNZ Energy Council said, “The initiative will strengthen individual efforts, bolstering the profile and visibility of existing projects. It will encompass the entire value chain of clean hydrogen to understand supply, demand and growth of (net zero) hydrogen within the global energy system on a yearly basis. We would like to congratulate WEC and Firstgas on taking a big step in the right direction.

Source: World Energy Council

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