Hydrogen Fuel Cell “Fébus” Bus Showcased to Mayor of Pau by Van Hool

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Febus debut 3

The future of hydrogen fuel cell buses in the form of the first copy of the Fébus was presented to the press and to the Mayor of Pau on Tuesday at Van Hool premises, north of Brussels.

Febus debut 2For the mayor and the delegation, it was an opportunity for the delegation to ride a few kilometers in the very quiet hydrogen bus.

The French city of Pau has ordered eight of these fuel cell powered buses.

The Pau project will have the first bus line in the world equipped with 18-meter vehicles equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell engine.

We spent hours perfecting each detail ,”said François Bayrou, the mayor of Pau,  ” Many cities around the world are watching this adventure. ‘welcome the first copy and the next seven. ‘

The buses can carry 125 passengers, have a range of over 300 kilometers and can be recharged in ten minutes.

” The transport sector is becoming more and more interested in hydrogen technology ” Van Hool explained, “It’s clear that if all the buses in the same city have to run on electricity, there will be problems recharging all the batteries. ”



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