FirstElement Fuel Receives $7.7M Boost for Hydrogen Refueling Manufacturing in California

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California’s pursuit of a greener future receives a major boost as FirstElement Fuel (FEF), a global leader in hydrogen refueling solutions, announces a $7.7 million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC). This funding aims to expand the company’s Santa Ana, CA manufacturing facility by more than tenfold, signaling a major step towards a hydrogen-powered transportation system.

FirstElement Fuel: Leading the Hydrogen Revolution

FEF’s Santa Ana facility is at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution, producing critical high-tech components and systems for hydrogen refueling stations, including liquid hydrogen cryopump systems. With 85 dispensers spread across 40 stations, FEF operates the world’s largest network of hydrogen refueling stations, serving the burgeoning market for hydrogen-powered vehicles in California.

This scale-up of the FirstElement Fuel Innovation Center in Santa Ana, partially financed by the CEC, promises not only to enhance local employment but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. FEF’s commitment to the project goes beyond the grant, with an additional contribution of at least $14 million.

Hydrogen-Powered Transportation: A Vision for California

The significance of hydrogen-powered vehicles extends far beyond technological innovation. With the potential to eliminate tailpipe emissions, dramatically cut carbon footprints, and significantly enhance driving efficiency, hydrogen represents a transformative solution to traditional transportation’s environmental challenges.

California’s policies have long championed the transition to hydrogen as a cornerstone of its zero-emission vehicle strategy. This visionary approach has laid the groundwork for FEF’s global success in hydrogen refueling solutions and emphasizes the state’s leadership position in the hydrogen development landscape.

Building the Infrastructure for a Hydrogen Future

The success of hydrogen-powered vehicles hinges on robust infrastructure, manufacturing capabilities, and an expansive network of refueling stations. FEF’s manufacturing expansion project, slated to continue through March 2026, is a key element in this ecosystem.

The ambitious plan will enable FEF to multiply its production of liquid hydrogen pumps tenfold, while also enhancing its pump testing capabilities at its hydrogen logistics hub and field-testing facility in Livermore, CA.



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