Fit For 55: Hydrogen is the H2ero Net Zero Allowing to Meet the Climate Objectives on Time

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Brussels–The Fit for 55 Package must be a fit for purpose framework that delivers an effective and future-proof achievement of the EU’s climate targets. Yet, this needs to be in line with affordability and societal acceptance.

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Secretary General of Hydrogen Europe, said: “Fit for 55 marks the dawn of a new era and hydrogen sets the course for a new paradigm. Time is precious for the EU to reach its ambitious emission reduction objectives in just ten years. It must start walking the talk now, and hydrogen gives the Fit for 55 initiatives a major push to achieve the EU’s climate objectives on time.”

Developing a clean hydrogen economy will be instrumental in making the Fit for 55 Package a success as it builds the basis for an accelerated and cost-efficient paradigm shift towards climate friendly technologies especially such as renewable energies. Hydrogen marks the dawn of a new era where coal, oil and also gas can be replaced by hydrogen being multitalented as a renewably produced energy vector, fuel and chemical feedstock. This is why hydrogen is called the “H2ero Net Zero” enabling many tasks with regards to the decarbonization of our lives.

The Fit for 55 package proves that hydrogen is moving from an afterthought to a central pillar of the energy system. It has strong potential to become a solution to many of the Fit for 55 proposals as it unleashes the potential of renewables, ensures energy system efficiency, and enables a carbon-neutral transport system.

The rapid development of hydrogen is not only important for meeting the EU’s climate objectives but also for preserving and enhancing the EU’s industrial and economic competitiveness. With projects across the whole continent, the EU is well placed to become the birthplace of a global hydrogen economy denominated in Euro currency.

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