Flemish Government Supports WaterstofNet to Realize Hydrogen Ambitions

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Flemish Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation Hilde Crevits awards a subsidy of 242,000 euros to WaterstofNet vzw . With their experience and expertise, WaterstofNET is ideally placed to support Flemish companies in their hydrogen ambitions.

Hydrogen is high on the Flemish and European political agenda. In addition, Flanders has a unique ecosystem of companies active in the hydrogen chain and concrete projects are being launched.

“The subsidy to WaterstofNet contributes to our ambition to become a leader in Europe in the field of hydrogen and to develop a real hydrogen economy. More than 500 people already work in the hydrogen sector in Flanders, ”says Minister Crevits.


Hydrogen is a necessary part of the future sustainable energy supply. As a carbon-free energy carrier, it can be the key to reducing heavy transport emissions, sustainable raw material for industry and serving as a storage medium for renewable energy.

Hydrogen is also playing an increasingly important role at the European level. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen provides for the establishment of the “Clean Hydrogen Alliance” within its industrial policy and European Commissioner Frans Timmermans gives hydrogen an important place in the ‘European Green Deal’ today.

Through various projects and funds (IPCEI Important projects of Common European Interest and ETS-IF Emissions Trading System – Innovation Fund) there is a strong commitment to supporting hydrogen technology.


In Flanders, we have a number of companies that are already developing and supplying unique hydrogen technology to mostly foreign projects, such as specific materials (membranes, catalysts, bipolar plates, …), hydrogen generators, buses, garbage trucks, combined heat and power systems, engines, storage vessels, etc.

In addition, the ports of Antwerp, Northsea Port, Zeebrugge and Ostend have also indicated that they will develop concrete plans for the large-scale production and use of green hydrogen.


In 10 years’ time, WaterstofNet has been able to realize various projects in which Flemish companies and Europe have jointly invested more than 50 million euros. More than 500 people in Flanders already work in the hydrogen sector.

Flemish Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation Hilde Crevits: “As a neutral knowledge and cooperation center, WaterstofNet is very well placed to help develop a hydrogen economy in Flanders. WaterstofNet acts as a bridge between companies, governments and knowledge institutions. Together they can respond optimally to European initiatives. This fits seamlessly with our ambition to become a leader in Europe in the field of hydrogen. ”

“As WaterstofNet, we are proud of this recognition from the Flemish government. The resources allocated will help us in our ambitions to realize hydrogen projects and to further expand the ecosystem, ”says director Adwin Martens.

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