Foton Continues to Make Progress with Additional Fuel Cell Logistics Orders

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FOTON Motor believes that technology is the soul of automobile and as such has been on a mission to develop fuel cell technologies for its buses and trucks.

Recently Foton received an order of 100 fuel cell logistic vehicles and in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, another customer ordered 40 fuel cell city buses.

Foton Fuel Cell VehicleAt the end of January 2019 Foton signed a co-operative agreement with SinoHytec and SPIC Hydrogen Energy Development Co. The agreement maps out in detail the plans to promote fuel cell vehicles in China by producing 1,000 fuel cell buses and building hydrogen stations by 2022.

Foton has been working on fuel cell buses and vehicles since 2008 when it revealed its first-generation hydrogen fuel cell bus service in the Beijing Olympic Games.Foton Fuel Cell Buses Olympics 1

In 2014, Foton released its second generation 12-meter hydrogen fuel cell bus.

In 2016, Foton launched the third generation 8.5-meter hydrogen fuel cell passenger bus and seized 100 orders for the world’s largest commercial fuel cell bus fleet.

In terms of costs and from the first generation of 8 million to the present 1.8 million, it is conservatively estimated that the annual cost is decreasing by about 20% .

Not only has the cost been reduced, but domestic hydrogen fuel cell technology in China has also made great progress.

The first generation of fuel cell vehicles could only adapt to outdoor storage environments above zero. The current fourth-generation vehicles can already accommodate outdoor storage conditions of minus 30 °C.

Foton Fuel Cell Bus Version 2018

Foton 2018 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus

With the continuous improvement of government support policies and the continuous innovation of the technology, the future development space and market of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are promising.



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