France: 11 Hydrogen Mobility Projects Selected for Public Funding

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France Hydrogen Call For Funding 1

AFP–The Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) have selected 11 hydrogen mobility projects eligible for public financial support.

The call for projects “Hydrogen mobility ecosystems”, launched in October, is “a real success” and translates “an unprecedented interest in the deployment of hydrogen,” welcomed the Ministry and Ademe in a statement published Friday evening.

Currently, 24 projects in all metropolitan regions have been submitted, representing a potential investment of € 475 million, of which 11 have been selected.

Successful projects will now be thoroughly evaluated to determine the amount of public support that will be provided.

These projects concern the setting up of captive fleets of hydrogen vehicles (cars, buses, light and heavy goods vehicles, refuse collection trucks) or the establishment of hydrogen distribution stations and production facilities. ‘hydrogen.

This call for projects remains open until 18 October and will benefit from a second survey.

The ministry and Ademe also recall that another call for projects on hydrogen was launched in February 2019. Dedicated to projects for the production and supply of low-carbon hydrogen for industrial customers, it is equipped with 50 millions of euros and open until 18 June.

Projects Selected:

  • AUXR_H2 : The Auxerrois Community wants to start the operation of a fleet of 5 electric hydrogen buses. The project also includes the acquisition of a dozen electric utility vehicles for the needs of a regional construction company.
  • DS Energhy : Dijon Métropole opts for a fleet of 8 dumpsters. Two trucks and 14 utilities will also be deployed by the project partners. Hydrogen will be produced locally from electricity from the Waste Energy Valorization Unit.
  • EFFI H2 VANNES : the union Morbihan Energie partners with private partners to invest in a local hydrogen production unit for industrial needs and different uses for professional mobility (ambulances, light sanitary vehicles, taxis).
  • FEBUS : the Pau-Pyrénées Urban Community is involved in a high-level service bus project (BHNS). The hydrogen technology was chosen for the acquisition of the first articulated buses of 18 meters, which will soon be put into service.
  • HYDREOL : The Agglomeration of Chaumont and its partners are initiating a production and local distribution of hydrogen for minibuses, refuse collection vehicles and light utility vehicles at first, before expanding to a network of four stations in the area.
  • HYNOVAR : in the outskirts of Toulon, a consortium gathered around the CCI du Var, is carrying a hydrogen electric maritime shuttle project of 200 passengers. The operators of the public transport network of the Métropole Toulon Provence Méditerranée also wish to purchase hydrogen-powered electric buses to improve the air quality of the area.
  • HYPORT : the Regional Council of Occitanie and its partners are investing in a hydrogen production and distribution solution articulated around the Toulouse-Blagnac airport, serving both on-road vehicles and urban vehicles.
  • H2 IDF : the Ile de France Energy Syndicate SIPPEREC, with its partners, is engaged in a hydrogen production logistics from electricity produced on the site of the energy recovery unit of Créteil ( Val de Marne). This local hydrogen will fuel nascent uses: buses, light trucks, garbage trucks, taxis.
  • LAST MILE IDF : The companies Akuo Energy and Ataway intend to deploy 16 hydrogen production and distribution stations in Ile de France to supply 200 commercial vehicles and 80 vans for professional use, including the transport of goods.
  • LUZO : The La Rochelle Agglomeration Community wishes to valorize part of the photovoltaic production of the Atlantech eco-district in the form of hydrogen to supply around twenty commercial vehicles as well as scooters. Vehicle rental, delivery and courier services are the applications targeted by this project.
  • ZEV : This project, led by the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Regional Council and the Michelin and ENGIE companies, aims at the large-scale deployment of hydrogen electric mobility in the region, with 1,200 vehicles and 20 stations, 14 of which will be equipped with electrolysers. This is to ensure a mesh to ensure the continuity of movement of users of professional fleet vehicles.


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