France: City of Nantes Launches the Hydrogen Shuttle Powered by Hydrogen

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September 8, 2019 |

Hydrogen Shuttle Jules Vernee 2

After much testing the Jules Verne 2 was officially put into service in late August.

The new hydrogen fuel cell catamaran is a french first in terms of water transport and is powered by two fuel cells and the refueling station for the shuttle was installed on the shore of Port-Boyer. 

Pierre-François Gérard said, “The idea is part of a call for projects from ADEME (French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management) to develop the hydrogen sector.”

This 10-meter-long, 3.80-wide aluminum catamaran, built at the Navalu shipyard in Bouin, Vendée, draws its energy from two 5-kW fuel cells that convert the hydrogen stored on board into electricity.

Non-polluting, the Jules Verne 2 is also quieter. Eventually, it will carry 25 passengers and 10 bicycles. An undeniable asset on this crossing which lasts only 3 minutes, and which is taken by 20 000 cyclists each year.


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