France: Fébus Hydrogen Bus Arrives Next Week in Pau

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Febus Hydrogen Bus

The much anticipated hydrogen fuel cell bus will be unveiled on Friday, September 6th in Pau.

Also on the schedule is the opening of the new hydrogen station that will be inaugurated on September 19th. 

On the 25th of September, the bus will stop at the Palais Beaumont  during an event around the energy transition.

From September 26th to 29th, Fébus will still be visible in Aragon Square, where activities are planned as part of the Pau Fortnight for Sustainable Development (September 16th to 29th).

The Fébus project represents an investment of 74.5 million euros: 50 million euros for works, 10 million euros for buses, 4.5 million euros for the hydrogen station. This is one of the largest investments in the department and allows for several hundred jobs. This project is mainly financed by the Transport Payment, a tax paid by employers with more than 10 employees, obligatorily assigned to the public service of urban transport. Thus Fébus weighs nothing on households Pau while 50 million euros are invested in the living environment.

What will Fébus look like?

Designed by Julien Gaubert, designer-designer, and built by Van Hool, Fébus offers a light and an unprecedented feeling of space thanks to the materials used inside (leather, wood) and large windows. It is a transport with a neat design that blends into the landscape of the city of Pau.

”  It’s a bus like no other! He will be called Fébus. Six hundred years ago, a visionary who had all the audacities, Gaston III of Bearn, chose to be called Fébus and will enter under this name in history. It was he who proclaimed the independence of Béarn, and it is thanks to this independence that Pau became a capital turned towards the future. We had to name our bus of the future. We chose to call it Fébus. It’s not just a smile: it’s a statement of optimism and will. 

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