France: Inauguration of Fuel Cell in Three Dwelling at Le Clos d’Arènes Residences

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February 4, 2020 |

ACM Habitat Fuel Cell Homes

On Wednesday January 22, 2020 at the “Le Clos d’Arènes” residence, the fuel cell was inaugurated at one of the three dwellings that will be equipped with this fuel cell heating system

An important technological innovation in the field of energy involves producing electricity that is connected to a boiler allowing the emission of heat for heating and hot water. This electricity comes from an electrochemical transformation of hydrogen from natural gas: this innovation can, therefore, be summed up in a product by one allowing a clean, local and self-consumed production of energy.

ACM HABITAT led the project in a successful partnership with GRDF and ADEME, all co-financiers of the project.

By participating in the first experiment in Occitania of such a project, ACM HABITAT is developing efficient and innovative energy solutions showing, on the one hand, its territorial anchoring and on the other hand its willingness to conduct offensive actions in terms of sustainable development.

With an eco-responsible approach and a 3 in 1 energy-efficient product, ACM HABITAT demonstrates that excellence also applies to social housing.




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