France: Inauguration of the Pays Haut Wind Farm and Hydrogen Station for the MHyRABEL Project

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MHyRABEL Hydrogen Station Inaguaration

The wind farm located in the municipality of Sancy, is made up of 2 2MW wind turbines and adjoins the Audun-le-Roman hydrogen station. This first hydrogen station makes it possible to produce green hydrogen on-site from renewable energies for the development of green and carbon-free mobility.

This hydrogen station uses electricity produced by wind turbines visible from the site, this station delivers hydrogen gas to power inter-municipal vehicles.

This equipment is the first step in an ambitious project initiated in 2015 between the Community of Communes Coeur du Pays Haut, SODEGER, ENGIE Green and CEA tech who have been able to pool their expertise to install and develop a mobility ecosystem hydrogen.

MHyRABEL PragmaThe University of Lorraine and in particular the IUT of Longwy, LEMTA2 and ENSEM3 were also involved from the start in the project in order to develop a regional training sector on hydrogen.

The station is made available (in the form of a rental) by ENGIE Solutions with its Hystart turnkey offer, thus facilitating access to this energy for communities or companies who want to have a small fleet of vehicles powered by renewable hydrogen.

The Atawey brand, the station produces on-site hydrogen from electricity and water. Symbio, on the other hand, delivered 3 Kangoo-type vehicles to the Community of Communes Coeur du Pays Haut and SODEGER, which now use hydrogen for their daily journeys.

This equipment, which constitutes a first in rural areas, will then be made available to Coeur du Pays Haut for the establishment of a car-sharing service using in particular hydrogen vehicles. The MHyRABEL project thus makes it possible to develop the energy autonomy of the territory as well as a new vision of its sober, green, low-carbon and united development.


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