France: Lhyfe Raises 8 Million Euros to Build Green Hydrogen Production site in Vendée

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Lhyfe Hydrogen

Lhyfe, a pure player in green hydrogen created in 2017, has a lot of news. At the start of 2020, the company unveils its unique solution for the production of green hydrogen and announces a fundraising of 8 million euros from public and private actors as well as the establishment of its first industrial site the 1 st half of this year in the Vendee. Lhyfe offers an original energy model, oriented environmental benefit with a mission: to offer a more breathable future to our children.

Lhyfe: a turnkey production solution for green hydrogen, modular and scalable

Lhyfe has developed a unique know-how enabling rapid deployment of a turnkey solution for the production of green hydrogen in industrial quantities and at competitive prices. The company designs, develops and operates its production sites to meet the regions’ needs for green hydrogen. It is aimed at communities, industries and the world of transport who wish to source green hydrogen and thus instantly and drastically reduce the environmental impact of their mobility (buses, dumpsters, fleets of heavy or light vehicles) or of their process.

Lhyfe aims to build a more breathable world for future generations and considers that it is time to review the relationship between humans and the environment. The company produces green hydrogen from renewable energies and has developed an optimal industrial process for minimum energy consumption. Lhyfe favors the short circuit (local production and local distribution) for a virtuous energy model that creates value in the regions. Leaving the factory, the green hydrogen produced by Lhyfe has all the advantages of oil and gas without their drawbacks (vehicles using it reject only pure water droplets). And while 95% of the hydrogen produced today (known as “gray hydrogen”) generates up to 10 kg of CO 2 per kilo of hydrogen, Lhyfe’s hydrogen is completely clean (zero emissions). Better still: by producing its hydrogen, Lhyfe releases oxygen.

Directly connected to renewable energies

To produce its hydrogen, Lhyfe connects directly to renewable energies (wind, photovoltaic, hydraulic, solid biomass, etc.). It has designed an innovative industrial process significantly more efficient than existing solutions on the market. The solution is modular (it adapts to all types of renewable energy) and scalable (to support the changing needs of the territories). Lhyfe is developing its first production sites on land and thus capitalizes on the experience to create offshore production sites in the medium term.

Lhyfe raises 8 million euros to continue investing in R&D and to multiply its sites

The company completed a first fundraising of 8 million euros at the end of 2019 from 5 private and public players with complementary expertise and activities: Noria, the Syndicat d’Energie de Vendée (SyDEV) and its SEM Vendée Energie, Ovive (Les Saules Group), Ouest Croissance et Océan

Participations. It thus achieves one of the largest seed fundraising in the industry in 2019. This fundraising will allow Lhyfe, which is now entering an industrialization phase, to continue its investments and to multiply its sites. Investors are committed to the Lhyfe project for its innovative nature, the concrete proposal it brings to an immediate maturity, its global vision of the energy future and its prospects for the development of green hydrogen.

The Vendee will host the 1 st hydrogen industrial site 100% green in France

Construction of the first industrial site in Lhyfe will begin in Vendée, near the Bouin wind farm, in the first half of 2020. It will be the first 100% green hydrogen production site in France. In the first half of 2021, it will produce large quantities of green hydrogen (several hundred kg) to meet the needs of the great West in a progressive manner. This site was also co-financed up to 3 million euros by different public and private actors: the Community of Communes of Challans-Gois, the Pays de Loire Region and Bpifrance, and co-built with the actors of the department of Vendée. It will be complemented by a first hydrogen station located in La Roche-sur-Yon, to develop uses and pave the way for this fuel of the future. This station will supply a first bus line,

Alain Leboeuf, President of the Syndicat de l’Energie de Vendée says: “At SyDEV, we are responsible for preparing the future and developing the territory with real fundraising. By using on-shore renewable energies and by developing off-shore wind power, Lhyfe’s green hydrogen meets several equations: tap into renewable rather than fossil fuels, tap into infinite rather than limited resources, promote efficiency and take into account the acceptability of populations. We are of course proud to be the first territory to set up a 100% green hydrogen production site, but above all we are delighted to be able to soon offer companies and communities in Vendée a solution to reduce the carbon impact of their transport and industries! “

Matthieu Guesné, founder and CEO of Lhyfe adds: “At Lhyfe, we believe that today we can meet our energy needs by subscribing to the natural ecosystem rather than trying to dominate it. We are delighted with the support and enthusiasm of our public and private partners to participate in the deployment of our solution. Finally, we are proud to go on an industrial scale to be able to offer from 2021 a solution accessible to communities 

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