France: The City of Vannes Signs On to “Morbihan Hydrogen”

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Vannes Joins Morihan Hydrogen

Engaged in the energy transition, the city of Vannes has just joined the charter “Morbihan Hydrogen”. This label, the first on the national territory, aims to develop the production of hydrogen from local energy.

A departmental investment
It’s been two years since Morbihan Energies started producing hydrogen. In this case, green hydrogen. This energy gas is widely used in industry. Its advantage is that it does not release CO2 at its combustion. But it is a big consumer of fossil fuels when it is obtained chemically. 

Green hydrogen produced locally
Morbihan Energies has made the bet to produce green hydrogen from renewable energies. A station was created for this in Vannes-Luscanen in 2017. It is the first step of a series of projects that accompanies Morbihan energies for a development of hydrogen with
communities and economic actors of the department, including the future station of Prat in Vannes, planned for 2019, in collaboration with ENGIE, near the Michelin plant. It is also this project that has been retained by the Ademe in the framework of the national plan for the deployment of hydrogen, 

Guaranteed carbon-free energy
The hopes raised by hydrogen in the context of the energy transition are strong. 

The “Morbihan Hydrogen” label aims to “promote hydrogen mobility and guarantee hydrogen produced locally”. The experience gained by Morbihan Energies through hydrogen will thus provide a form of “designation of origin controlled” for all energy produced in the Morbihan for mobility, logistics, and industry …By signing this charter, the city of Vannes is supporting the project carried out in collaboration with a major industrialist from its territory. It is also committed to promoting this zero emission energy vector and more specifically to studying the acquisition of vehicles running on hydrogen. It joins the first signatories including Michelin, Delanchy, Rault, Véolia, Fidéli Races, Yves Rocher, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Morbihan, Branféré Park and the Regional Natural Park of the Gulf of Morbihan.

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