Friday Fallback: BAE Systems Achieves a Milestone of Two Million Zero Emission Miles with Battery and Fuel Cell Electric Drive Systems

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Friday Fall Back BAE Systems Fuel Cells

Friday Fallback story that may have been missed but we want to post it earlier than our Thursday Throwback story for next week. Highlighting the importance of both technologies, battery-electric drive systems, and fuel cell electric drive systems playing a role in the mix for zero-emissions.

BAE Systems, the manufacturer of more than 10,000 low emission electric hybrid bus systems, has reached a milestone achievement in helping cities lower harmful emissions. Zero-emission transit buses powered by BAE Systems’ battery-electric drive systems and fuel cell electric drive systems have successfully driven more than two million miles in transit bus service.

BAE Record using BEV and FCEV Drive Systems

BAE Systems offers two zero-emission options for transit bus agencies to help cities reach their goals of lower emissions. The first is a battery-electric system comprised of the same technology used in BAE Systems’ large installed base of electric hybrid buses—the only difference is the removal of the diesel engine for additional batteries. The second option, a hydrogen fuel cell electric solution also uses the same components as the company’s electric hybrid systems but a fuel cell replaces the diesel engine.

“For years, BAE Systems technology has helped improve air quality and reduce fuel consumption, noise, and harmful emissions with our electric hybrid bus systems, and we are proud to offer two zero-emission options as cities move to fully electric transportation systems,” said Steve Trichka, vice president and general manager for BAE Systems’ Power and Propulsion Solutions business. “Nearly 20 years ago, we anticipated the transition to zero-emission technology and intentionally designed our electric propulsion system with the ability to convert low emission electric hybrid systems to zero-emission battery-electric technology when battery systems matured to the market’s satisfaction.”

BAE Systems is powering buses with both low and zero-emission solutions in the world’s leading cities. We’re delivering battery electric, fuel cell electric, and electric hybrid systems for transit buses in major cities across the U.S., Canada, and Europe—including New York City, Boston, Paris, London, Montreal, Seattle, and Vancouver. Nearly 300 buses with BAE Systems’ zero emission drive system are on the road today with battery-electric buses in the state of California and Paris, France, and fuel cell electric buses across the U.S. in Ohio, Michigan, and California.

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