Friday Fallback Story: First Offshore Green Hydrogen Production Pilot Starts at Scheveningen

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Fuel Cells Works, Dutch Government Grants DEI+ Subsidy to PosHYdon, World's First Offshore Green Hydrogen Production

A worldwide unique pilot is starting off the coast of Scheveningen. A mostly Dutch consortium is producing green hydrogen on a production platform for the first time. With the support of Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation (DEI+). Wind energy, hydrogen and gas infrastructure come together to open up the energy transition offshore.

Under the name PosHYdon, the pilot integrates 3 energy systems in the North Sea: offshore wind, offshore gas and offshore green hydrogen. This integration plays an important role for the energy transition. With electrolysers at sea, energy from large offshore wind farms can be converted into green hydrogen and transported to land via the current gas network.

Coalition offshore and energy parties

No fewer than 14 project partners work together within PosHYdon, such as knowledge institute TNO and parties in the energy and offshore sector. Secretariat is Nexstep, which focuses on decommissioning and possible reuse of infrastructure. PosHYdon will take place on the first fully electrified platform in the Netherlands of project partner Neptune Energy. The platform is located 13 km off the coast of Scheveningen.

Hydrogen from seawater

PosHYdon provides an innovative coupling of proven technologies. For example, there will be a 1 MW PEM electrolyser. Another installation converts seawater into demineralized water. Green hydrogen is made from this by electrolysis. This is mixed with the produced gas.

Experience with pilot

The pilot should provide answers to a number of crucial questions to enable green hydrogen at sea. How does the integration of energy systems work in practice? How do the installations cope with the severe weather conditions at sea? How efficiently does the electrolyser perform with fluctuating power supply? The aim is to produce hydrogen depending on the wind power.

Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation (DEI+)

“The DEI+ scheme makes it easier to organize a pilot like PosHYdon and answer questions about offshore hydrogen,” says Jacqueline Vaessen, general manager at Nexstep. According to Patrice Hijsterborg of Neptune Energy, this system integration also raises new issues. “It is smart to use existing infrastructure for hydrogen production as much as possible. But due to the future integration you will run into current laws and regulations, for example. We want to make these clear with the pilot, so that they can be solved. 2030 is fast approaching.”

National Hydrogen Programme

PosHYdon is a good example of the many hydrogen projects currently underway in the Netherlands. The National Hydrogen Program (NWP) is committed to a national approach to contribute to the energy transition with green hydrogen. On 7 July, the NWP presented a work plan to the State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate.

Source: TKI New Gas

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