Friday Fallback Story: HyQube Installed at Teesside Airport

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Fuel Cells Works, Friday Fallback Story: HyQube Installed at Teesside Airport

Fuel Cell Systems has installed a refuelling station at Teesside International Airport which will serve hydrogen-powered vehicles based in the Tees Valley as part of a £2.5million region-wide trial.

As part of the Tees Valley Hydrogen Transport Hub, the airport, along with other key organisations, is testing out commercial and support vehicles fitted with 100% zero-emission hydrogen-fuelled commercial and support vehicles.

Teesside+ +HyQube+500

Element 2 contracted FCSL to build, install and commission the HyQube 500 refuelling syste to provide fuel for two Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and a forklift which have recently arrived at the site. This is alongside a Kangoo hydrogen-powered light van and a hydrogen tug due to arrive by May.

Toyota is deploying a number of hydrogen vehicles across the region’s rapid response services, such as emergency response units for the Cleveland Police and NHS patient support, which can also take advantage of the new refuelling infrastructure. Northern Gas Networks, which is testing hydrogen as an alternative to natural gas in households in the region, also relies on a hydrogen vehicle

Until the launch of the new refuelling station at Teesside Airport the nearest place hydrogen vehicles could refuel was nearly 100 miles away in Rotherham.

In September 2020 it was announced that Tees Valley would be home to the UK’s first Hydrogen Transport Hub. The hub, in partnership with Teesside University, will form an innovation campus focused on clean energy research and development. It will lead research, development, and testing of new hydrogen transport technologies including for cars, buses, trains, lorries, boats and planes.

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