Friday Fallback Story: In France, Atawey at the Heart of Hydrogen Research With a New Station at CEA Toulouse

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Fuel Cells Works, Friday Fallback Story: In France, Atawey at the Heart of Hydrogen Research With a New Station at CEA Toulouse

Atawey sets up a hydrogen station at the CEA (Commissariat for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies) in Toulouse and contributes to research on the development of hydrogen in France.

Research at the heart of the development of hydrogen projects in France

Research is the key to developing hydrogen in France. Technological progress will ultimately make it possible to achieve real economies of scale and increase usage, particularly for hydrogen vehicles.

Today, initiatives to support the development of hydrogen in France are multiplying.

With the France 2030 project, the French government is committed to responding to the major challenges of the planet, particularly the ecological transition. A massive investment plan of 50 billion euros over the period 2022-2027 aims to support the emergence of the technology companies of tomorrow and to support the transitions of the sectors of activity of excellence: energy, automotive , aeronautics or space. Several objectives concern the hydrogen sector:

  • Become the leader in green hydrogen.
  • Decarbonize industry by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 35%.
  • Produce more than 2 million electric and hybrid vehicles.

The call for projects “Development of technological bricks and demonstrators for energy systems” is a flagship action of the France 2030 plan for the development of hydrogen. Led by ADEME (Ecological Transition Agency), the operation aims to support the development of equipment, product or service, or the creation of a demonstrator on national territory using hydrogen, in a perspective of ecological and energy transition and structuring of the sector.

A tailor-made hydrogen station at CEA Toulouse

A major player in research, development and innovation, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) operates in four areas: defense and security, low-carbon energies (nuclear and renewables), technological research for industry and basic research (material sciences and life sciences).

As part of its research projects, CEA Toulouse needed a hydrogen distribution station in order to carry out tests on vehicles and tanks developed in-house.

In May 2022, Atawey installed a personalized, modular hydrogen distribution station adapted to the needs of the CEA. Unlike standard stations where use is simplified as much as possible, the objective for the CEA was to offer several recharging possibilities, in particular regarding the choice of pressure or type of tank to be filled. This is a 350 bar compact range dispensing station. It comes to get its supplies from a 200-bar source installed by the partner Powidian, which had responded jointly to Atawey to the CEA’s call for tenders.

This project is part of Ataway’s strong desire to participate in the advancement of research on the development of hydrogen in France. The objective of the entire sector is to reduce the price of components (fuel cells and tank) and to bring about an economy of scale over the long term. Optimizing costs and improving performance will make it possible to carry ever more hydrogen in compact vehicles.


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