Fuel Cells Works Interviews Loop Energy’s Marketing Director Ethan Hugh

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On 09.01 Fuel Cells Works sat down with Ethan Hugh at the ACT Expo in Long Beach, California to get Loop Energy’s perspective on hydrogen, since Loop Energy produces one of the highest efficiency fuel cell stacks where hydrogen usage is concerned.

FCW:  What markets does Loop feel are the furthest along towards maturity globally?

China is the most mature and eastern Europe is second.

FCW: Has Tesla expressed any interest in having any of its current charging stations converted to get their energy from hydrogen fuel cells?

Not in conversation right now.

FCW: Do you think it is realistic that we will see FCEV light duty vehicles regularly going 1,000km between refuels by 2030?

It is entirely possible.   Reducing the amount of hydrogen used by the stack is an important goal to Loop Energy.

FCW:  When does Loop feel that we will really begin to see the container ship sector start to embrace hydrogen fuel cell technology?

From the sky to the sea Loop is engaged in conversation, but it does not have a specific year yet.

FCW:  How receptive has Loop found the globally economy to be where hydrogen fuel cell technology is concerned?

Loop has found the reception to be encouraging since it does receive a number of inquiries from prospective clients.

It has developed a total customer care program in order to help customers acquire tanks or hydrogen fuel that can help Loop provide an all-in-one solution.

FCW:  We have seen British Columbia get hit by excessive fires and extraordinary temperatures this year.  As we have seen those kinds of extreme events unfold, has Loop seen an increase in organizations inquiring with it on how to reduce their carbon footprint?

There has not been a correlation, yet.

FCW:  How supportive of the hydrogen sector does Loop Energy feel the Canadian government has been both this year and historically?

The Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association has been supportive with pavilions and events that help gain hydrogen visibility.  Loop belongs to CHFCA.  Global affairs and TCS with the Canadian government have helped Loop to become more global.  For instance, it has helped Loop setup a webinar with Singapore on 09.02.  Global Energy Show is also a place that Loop will be attending because of Canadian Global Affairs.

Fuel Cells Works Interviews Loop Energys Marketing Director Ethan Hugh 2

Ethan went on to mention that Loop Energy really feels that the trapezoid design of its fuel cell stack gives it an advantage over other fuel cell makers.  The shape of its fuel cell stack allows for decreased hydrogen usage while also increasing durability.  Additionally, Ethan stressed that Loop Energy puts a lot of thought into how to satisfy customer needs.  This was the reason for its total customer care program, which allows it to work with its clients to help them procure all of the resources that they may need to help their hydrogen projects take flight.

Ethan went on to mention that right now in eastern Europe its 30Kw fuel cell stack is powering a minibus, which is amazing given the reduced footprint of its fuel cell.  Fuel Cells Works continues to look forward to Loop Energy’s commitment to helping bring about a zero emissions global economy.


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